Autism Society of America National Conference

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42nd National Conference and Exhibition
July 6-9 in Orlando, Florida

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Two Dads – Two Lawyers: Special Needs Legal and Future Planning

Saturday, July 7, 10:45am – 12:00pm

The presenters are both attorneys and parents of sons with autism. This presentation will discuss legal issues that parents will, and must, encounter throughout their lifetimes with their children on the autism spectrum. The session will address special needs trusts, guardianships and alternatives, adult services, and planning for life after Mom and Dad are no longer around. The speakers will share their insights, gained both as attorneys and parents, on the special needs planning process.

The presentation will include three main subject areas to educate and help parents organize their affairs: (1) Special Needs Trusts and Preservation of Public Benefits; (2) Being a Kid and Becoming an Adult; and (3) Life After Mom and Dad.

James Caffry, member, Special Needs Alliance, Waterbury, Vermont
Brian Rubin, member, Special Needs Alliance, Buffalo Grove, Illinois