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Paid Family and Medical Leave: The Disability Angle

By TJ Sutcliffe, Director, Income & Housing Policy, The Arc [1]

The need for paid family and medical leave is universal. Nearly all of us at some point will need time away from work to care for a family member’s or our own serious medical condition, or to welcome a new baby or new child into our family. Unfortunately, all too often workers can’t get access to paid family or medical leave during these times. Without paid leave, workers face a terrible choice: getting paid, or taking the time they need for their family or themselves.

This year, The Arc has lifted up the disability angle on this important national conversation.

We’ve produced a video spotlighting one family’s story [2] about paid leave, and we’re sharing the stories of others who have personal experience [3] with paid leave. And with the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, we’ve released a first of its kind paper [4] outlining why paid family and medical leave is a necessity for the economic security and stability of people with disabilities and their families. Our research found:

To fully address the needs of all Americans, including people with disabilities and their families, our paper recommends that the U.S. adopt a comprehensive, national paid leave approach that is fully inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities.

We’re encouraging people with disabilities and their families to be at the table and part of the conversation. Do you have a paid leave story? Please share it with us [5], and spread the word!

View these and other resources on our web page at https://thearc.org/policy-advocacy/paid-family-medical-leave/ [6].