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Blog Roundup: PI Settlements/College Supports/Eldercare/Employment/SNTs & SSI

SNA attorneys have daily involvement with a wide array of issues facing individuals with disabilities, their families and the professionals who serve them. Below is a sampling of recent posts from member blogs:

High Expectations of PI Attorneys When Advising Clients During Settlement
A recent client suit against personal injury attorneys illustrates the care with which settlements must be handled. Read on. [1]

The Differences between 504 Plans in Public Schools vs. Colleges & Universities
The legal rights of college students with disabilities are, in important respects, different from those of high schoolers. Learn more. [2]

Finding the Right Care for Your Loved One
As a family member ages, you may find that you need professional help with their care. Read about options. [3]

Feds Announce an Inter-Agency Enforcement Effort between the Department of Justice and the Department of Labor re: Employment of Persons with Disabilities
The Department of Justice and Department of Labor are cracking down on segregated workshops due to their non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Read about it. [4]

Administering a Special Needs Trust and Its Impact on SSI
SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is often insufficient to cover the support expenses of a person with disabilities. Read about using a special needs trust to supplement government benefits.