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Better Advocacy Through Acronyms


The Voice is the email newsletter of The Special Needs Alliance. This installment was written by Special Needs Alliance member Jim Caffry, a sole practitioner in Waterbury, Vermont. Jim's practice is concentrated in special needs planning and advocacy. One of Jim's three children, his eleven year old son, has autism and other special needs. Jim is a current member of the Vermont Developmental Disabilities Council, and a past member of the Vermont Autism Task Force and the Vermont Act 135 Autism Planning Committee. You can learn more about Jim, his firm and his practice at

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Transition Planning Should Start Early


by Ann McGee Green Transition planning, which readies a young person with disabilities for adulthood, should ideally begin at the age of 14 or 15. At that time, the teen, parents, and educators should discuss the skills that will be needed to support "life after school." Will college be an option? Is employment likely? Will [...]

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Community-Based Residences Make Social and Economic Sense


by Brian Rubin The availability of community-based housing is enormously important for individuals with disabilities. Living in natural home settings and interacting with the wider community provide opportunities for personal growth, independence, and the building of self-esteem. For more than 20 years, I have served on the board of directors of Clearbrook, a social service [...]

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