SNA Practice Areas and Services

  1. Special Needs Trusts and Wills
    SNA member attorneys are experienced drafters of special needs trusts (SNTs) and wills for individuals with special needs. Their understanding of this discipline will help to provide long-term financial security and a responsible disbursement of assets through the drafting of wills.
  2. Medicaid, SSI and Entitlement Program Eligibility
    Personal injury awards and structured settlements may compromise an individual’s ability to access public benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Plaintiff attorneys can partner with an SNA member attorney to discuss ways to protect those benefits for their clients.
  3. Estate, Trust and Tax Planning for Individuals with Disabilities and their Families
    Many SNA attorneys are also tax professionals who can bring their understanding of law and accounting to clients in need. You can work with an SNA attorney to best determine how to maximize deductions without compromising estates and trusts.
  4. Financial Planning and Legal Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities
    SNA attorneys offer a full suite of financial and legal assistance for individuals with special needs, including: drafting demand packages, settlement negotiations, Probate Court appearances and motion filings.
  5. Guardianships and Conservatorships
    Guardianships, conservatorships, and the many available alternatives are a significant part of our members’ practices. SNA attorneys are adept at establishing, defending, and administering a guardianship or conservatorship whenever necessary to meet the needs of a family member who is elderly or has a disability.
  6. Assistance with Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Settlements
    With a dedication to disability and public benefits law, as well as strong relationships with financial institutions, SNA members are well equipped to assist personal injury attorneys in matters involving individuals with special needs.
  7. Trust and Estate Distributions and Fiduciary Accountings
    SNA member attorneys understand the complexities involved in distributing trust and estate monies. Their knowledge of tax regulations ensures that funds and fund transfers are handled properly.
  8. Estate and Trust Administration
    Since SNA member attorneys are familiar with the unique daily issues faced by individuals with disabilities, they are well equipped to act as third party administrators for an estate or trust. Their insights can offer peace of mind to families and caregivers.
  9. Health Care Decisions and Advance Directives
    SNA attorneys frequently confront the issue of personal control of health care decision-making as it pertains to clients who are elderly or have a disability. They are familiar with the issues and problems facing these clients as they plan for their long-term health care.