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The Voice is SNA’s newsletter, written by our members for attorneys, financial advisors, trustees, and other professionals who assist individuals with special needs and their families. It addresses the complex challenges faced by professionals serving in this ever-evolving field.

The Voice®

Loud & Clear: Family Conversations

Loud & Clear: Family Conversations is SNA’s blog, written by our member attorneys and guests for individuals with disabilities and their families. We tackle the day-to-day and long-range issues that affect quality of life. Readers are welcome to comment on the discussion.

Loud & Clear: Family Conversations

Turning 65: Changes to Consider for Individuals with Special Needs

When a family member approaches age 65, there are often significant changes to benefits and supports. In addition, there are opportunities that can offer future benefits to your loved one that need to be addressed, some before your loved one turns 65. What services may be changing? What do family members need to know? To help prepare for this transition, we have highlighted some of the top considerations.

Understanding and Navigating the Caregiver Shortage

The caregiver shortage is a growing problem for people with disabilities, older adults, and those that support them. Quality of life and care are often significantly compromised for all care partners. This article strives to answer the questions - how did we get to this point? And what can you do if you need caregiving help?

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