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Military Life Complicates Care Plans for Dependents with Special Needs


by Kelly Thompson Managing the care of a child with special needs is time-consuming and stressful. But for military families, who must relocate every three years, the process is grueling. A recently published study, co-authored by the National Council on Disability and the U.S. Marine Corps, details the challenges faced by participants in the Marine [...]

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Dear Grandma and Grandpa…


The Voice is the e-mail newsletter of the Special Needs Alliance. This installment was written by Special Needs Alliance member Edward Wilcenski, a founding partner of the law firm of Wilcenski & Pleat PLLC in Clifton Park, New York. He practices in the areas of Special Needs Planning, Elder Law, and Trust and Estate Planning and Administration. Ed is a past President of the Special Needs Alliance, and writes and lectures frequently on issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families

Long-time readers of The Voice know that we rarely repeat an issue. In the world of disability there are many important topics to choose from, so the challenge has really been in deciding which topics are of most interest to our readers rather than finding something interesting in the first place. Because the Voice has many new readers each year, we know that many of our current readers may have missed this article when it first appeared in November of 2010. With this in mind, we've decided to reprint this article written by Edward V. Wilcenski, hoping that it may catch newer readers before they make their final decisions on how to make holiday gifts to their family members and friends with disabilities.

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Accessible Transportation Is Key to Independence


by Richard A. Courtney Accessible transportation is central to quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, it's just one more public service that has fallen victim to budget-cutting. I know that what I'm observing here in Jackson, Mississippi, is replicated throughout the U.S. Too few routes and wheelchair-accessible buses to support a growing population [...]

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