Loud and Clear: A Special Needs Conversation

Medicaid and Special Needs

By Carol Battaglia, Esq. Medicaid, jointly funded by the federal government and individual states, is arguably the most important public benefit available to individuals with disabilities. While eligibility guidelines, services and payment rates vary widely, the federal government requires that all state Medicaid programs pay for physician visits, prescriptions, hospitalization, lab work, x-rays and nursing […]

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Advocacy in an Election Year

By Lois M. Zerrer It’s an election year, and budget discussions at all levels of government are threatening decades of progress on behalf of individuals with disabilities. The stakes are high, and campaigning officials will be especially open to conversations with their constituents. If you’ve never before advocated with elected representatives, this is a good […]

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The Letter of Intent: Advice for the Future Team

By Brian Rubin, Attorney and Parent of a 31-Year-Old Son with Autism A letter of intent (LOI), also referred to as a letter of guidance, is a roadmap for your child’s “Future Team,” the future trustees, guardians, and caregivers (both family and professional service providers). No one knows and understands your child as you do, […]

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