Transition Planning Can Shape a Life


By Andrew H. Hook, CELA Transition planning, the preparation of a young person with special needs for adulthood, should begin before the student turns 16. Many school divisions choose to begin this planning when the students enters high school, typically at the age of 14. To the extent possible, the student should work with parents, [...]

Transition Planning Can Shape a Life2021-01-11T10:12:47-05:00

Structured Settlements Don’t Always Make Sense


By Evan Krame When an individual with disabilities is anticipating a personal injury award, spreading guaranteed payments over time through a "structured settlement" is a popular option. The attractive features of annuitizing a recovery don't always work well, however, for people with special needs. The best reason to support structured settlements is to have payouts [...]

Structured Settlements Don’t Always Make Sense2021-01-11T10:12:39-05:00