Loud and Clear: A Special Needs Conversation

Caregiver Burnout Hurts the Entire Family

By Heather Nadler, CELA, Tucker, GA Caregiver burnout is a destructive syndrome. Individuals become so involved with the ongoing needs of a loved one with disabilities that they neglect their own well-being. By placing unreasonable and unrelenting demands on themselves, they descend into a state of emotional and physical exhaustion. Their complete focus on the […]

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After the Evaluation . . .

“The child you take home is the same one you brought in.” By Chris Kelsey, Board Member, Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network Parents’ first experience of their child’s developmental evaluation by “the experts” can be pretty scary. They know their child well, and they know that he or she might not perform. They also may […]

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CCD Task Force Seeks to Improve Social Security Processes

By Ethel Zelenske, Co-Chair, Social Security Task Force Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) is a working coalition of more than 100 national consumer, advocacy, provider and professional organizations, working together with, and on behalf of, the 57 million children and adults with disabilities and their families living in […]

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