Getting Out the Vote: Improving Access for Voters with Disabilities


By Sally L. Schoffstall, CELA During this mid-term election year, there are urgent issues at stake that directly affect the lives of people with disabilities. Budget battles at every level of government threaten Medicaid, SSDI, Medicare and other programs that are essential to their quality of life. Special education continues to face resource challenges. Yet [...]

Getting Out the Vote: Improving Access for Voters with Disabilities2021-01-11T10:27:13-05:00

Choosing the Right Nursing Home


By Martha C. Brown, CELA When a loved one of any age requires the round-the-clock care of a nursing home, it’s important to select one that fulfills both their medical and social needs. Each facility has its own culture, and since this will be your family member’s home, the environment should be a welcoming fit. [...]

Choosing the Right Nursing Home2021-01-11T10:27:03-05:00