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When Should You Consider a Pooled Trust?


By Janet L. Lowder, CELA, and Elena Lidrbauch, CELA Directly receiving a personal injury settlement, inheritance or other sizable sum of money can derail the finances of someone with disabilities. That's because having more than $2,000 in resources makes them ineligible for means-tested government programs such as Medicaid and SSI (Supplemental Security Income), which may [...]

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Government Programs for Children with Disabilities


By Mary L. Waltari, Esq. Are you aware of the federal government programs available to minors? Some cover all minors and some cover only minors with disabilities. They vary from cash payments to healthcare coverage to a range of other supports. Cash Payments Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Children with qualifying disabilities whose families meet SSI's [...]

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Finding the Right In-Home Aide


By Paula L. Peaden, Esq. In-home services are often the key to keeping individuals with disabilities of all ages living in the mainstream community. But hiring and working with aides in the family home can be an emotion-fraught experience. Here are some tips. Think Through Needs Carefully consider exactly what services your loved one requires. [...]

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