2017-18 Committee Sign Up Sheet

Please select the committees below that you would like to participate in.
    Duties include: monitoring national issues and developments in disability and SNT practice, drafting position papers for SNA to distribute to outside organizations; writing and distributing briefs; approving and implementing grant requests.
    Duties include: development and promotion of educational programming for members, including two in-person meetings and Armchair Chats.
    Identifying topics and speakers for SNA Armchair Chats.
    Recommending books for the SNA Book Club at the two in-person meetings.
    Researching, identifying and implementing networking and social events at the two in-person meetings.
    Duties include: considering matters pertaining to SNA governance, organization, and objectives; reviewing grievances filed against members and recommending to the Board of Directors a course of action including sanctions or remedies in regards to the grievances.
    Duties include: develop marketing, advertising and public relations strategies and tools to educate third parties and consumers about SNA and its members. Also include: researching and engaging new partnerships with financial institutions as well as not-for-profit organizations dedicated to serving persons with disabilities.
    Duties include: developing and implementing initiatives and programs to assist new members with integration into the SNA; monitoring and improving on the current Mentor Program; researching additional member services and benefits.
    Duties include: monitoring legislative issues affecting SNA and its members; signing onto support letters; educating members about relevant public policy issues; drafting public policy alerts as needed.
    Duties include: developing and presenting to the Board of Directors a strategic plan that will be reviewed and revised accordingly every five years.