Loud and Clear: A Special Needs Conversation

Divorce and Children with Special Needs

By Lili A. Vasileff

There are few challenges more difficult than going through divorce and having a child with special needs. As a divorced, single parent of a beautiful daughter with special needs, I can tell you that you realize immediately that the burden of future planning, well-being and protection fall squarely on your shoulders as a custodial parent. It is the daily living and ordinary moments that test your self -reliance and capacity to parent alone.

When there is a child with special needs involved in a divorce, issues of child custody, visitation, and support and property division are significantly more complex to negotiate. As part of your divorce, make sure you consider globally what your child’s special needs are and have your attorney walk you through a “day in the life” of caring for your child.

Child support charts do not address the extra expenses of a child with special needs. There is increased need for specialty medical care, services, and equipment; for non-prescription treatments, vitamins and nutritional needs; for paid respite care for the custodial parent. Uncertainty about the nature and cost of future care makes it difficult to estimate disability-related expenses in a divorce agreement.

From a legal perspective, the goal is to identify and understand how to determine the child’s best interests. Here are some examples:

  • With whom will the child live?
  • How much contact (previously termed “access” or, in some jurisdictions, “visitation“) will the parents, legal guardian or other parties be allowed (or required) to have?
  • To whom and by whom will child support be paid and in what amount?

A parenting plan should spell out essential information and instructions. A good starting point is to explore how much you and your spouse agree concerning your child’s disabilities and abilities.

In structuring a divorce agreement, special care must be given to parenting arrangements, estate planning and the child’s transition to adulthood. Legislation and case law are evolving in this area as more family lawyers deal with a burgeoning number of cases involving children with special needs.

In the divorce agreement, care must be given to unique issues that arise in the child’s transition into adulthood, such as guardianship, eligibility for quasi- government or private agency benefits, employment, recreation and social skills, independent living, or custodial care. Typically with developing children, child support and custody end at age of majority or when they graduate from college. Divorcing parents of children with special needs who have severe impairments face the reality of life- long care- giving and, perhaps, co-parenting.

Alimony (spousal maintenance) and child support payments need to consider the child’s eligibility for public benefits as both a minor and adult. It is essential that your family law attorney work with a special needs attorney and an experienced financial adviser to eliminate risk of forfeiting the child’s entitlements. Divorce attorneys do not always know how child support payments made directly to the custodial parent interact (negatively) with “means tested” government benefit programs like SSI and Medicaid. In-kind alimony and/or child support should be considered in order to preserve government benefits. It is critical to address these issues during the divorce process.

Managing the care of a child with special needs is often a full- time job and the effect on the custodial parent’s income should be considered when establishing spousal maintenance. Since caring for your child with special needs may extend well beyond age of majority, you need to tailor your divorce agreement for the long-term. Use appropriate special needs trusts, in coordination with public benefits and in contemplation of gifting plans and long-term care insurance. Effectively channel support obligations and parenting plans in the divorce settlement to provide for more quality of life expenditures for the child.

Make the system work better for you and your family by taking a practical look at what special needs exist and how they are appropriately addressed in the arena of divorce.

Lili A. Vasileff, CFP®, CDFA™ is President of both the international Association of Divorce Financial Planners and Divorce and Money Matters, LLC, a private divorce financial planning practice. She is the co-author of The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete Legal , Financial and Personal Guide to Divorce.

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  1. Lisa Malone says:

    I am a single mother of a wonderful autistic son. His Dad and I had been married 17 years when he up and left us destitute. He left his job and moved to Mississippi with his girlfriend. Took all our retirement, pension, 401 K. Have looked and looked for someone to help me and my son for 2 years Please somebody have it in their heart to help.

    • Sharon says:

      Plzs Lisa their is something called ihss inhome support protective supervision and also social security for disability if you can get both you will b ok

    • Marie says:

      Lisa, with weekends free, and you say you really need money and a job, why are you not working weekends? Do you really need or want to work?

      • Sandy Brodhelm says:

        Not sure how your reply is relevant to the discussion. I have a teenage autistic child and I have a masters degree and work when he is in school, but working weekends without proper and adequate supervision is required when you have a child with autism who cannot be left alone. Your response has nothing to do with her question, not to mention it is ignorant of the real-life situation of single parents with these children. I would suggest the mother look into SSI disability, as well as check into Home Health Aide coverage for special needs if her insurance pays for it, and the only one that ususally does is medical assistance. She will absolutely need to apply with SSI disability in order to get set up with ACCESS/MA to get the home health aide. Respite care also available, but again, must be set up via MA. She will also need to get set up on the MR/MH government office of her local county government and ask to get a supports coordinator. That will help get the child these supports.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I would be pleased to talk with you and explore your options. Please email me (lili@divorcematters.com) about how to contact you and when. Thank you!

  3. My autistic son is aging out of school next year, his father will not even talk to me. How do I extend, and increase alimony, or get him to spend time with him so I can work, I need money and a break, he will be with me for a long time. I am now 60, need to make money. I need fathers help. I have a lawyer, but need the way to do this. Many thanks

    • Jack Marchese says:

      I am the ex husband she is talking about and it’s a bunch of BS. We have twin boys, One is Autistic. I spent a small fortune to get custody of both boys and the court split them up. I do have custody of the other child,and the Autistic Son is at my house every weekend,because during the week I work and pay her 300.00 a week. She is not a victim she’s a Liar

      • Jack Marchese says:

        Also we went to court and the Judge thought everything was good and that she was advocating for herself not our son. Lol wants a job that’s funny.

        • Binxie May says:

          You sound like my ex-husband. Jerk.

          • Linda J Lynn says:

            Who could live on 300 a wk?

          • Scott says:

            You sound like a sexist feminist.

            Been through the same BS with the courts with my severely disabled daughter. There is no shortage of bias sexist male hating women like yourself who automatically call men jerks without fully understanding the situation. Read what this man has written before you chime in with your ignorant comment.

          • LaDonna says:

            This is classic manipulation of facts. Sadly, the courts are often blind to this type of manipulation and never hold people like him accountable. I’m dealing with a similar situation. It’s really sad. I’m glad you could see through his smokescreen.

      • Christina says:

        So why dont you switch and take the autistic child for awhile. Then tell me if you can work while having them with you and deal with daycare’s kicking out a child with autism because they are dangerous to other kids or have to pay another small fortune for them to hire someone to care for him. 300 a week? I don’t see her as the liar. I see you as a jerk who cheated and ran off on your wife and left the burden to her while you took the easy way out… Typical asshole in my opinion.. Trade places with her.. And live on 300 dollars a week.

        • Scottie says:

          I know this scenario all to well. What a Jerk… My daughter is down syndrome with mobility and verbal challenges and her father left us for his first wife of 3 year s and adopted her two kids. I have been my daughter’s care taker for 15 years and cannot find the time to do anything but be a life line to her and he can’t wait to stop playing Child support…

      • Mary Catherine says:

        The internet is so place for you and your ex to be arguing. She made a simple comment and there was no need for you to clap back. Asking for advice is not a crime sir.

    • Sharon says:

      Wow I am with my kids father we have a son 12 yr old and autistic spectrum 7 and i recurve ihss and social security he doesn’t work she is lucky that you help the way you do

  4. Regrettably the only way to extend, increase, or challenge parenting plans or support is to seek to enforce legally your divorce agreement or to seek modification of your agreement. The terms and amount of support are set forth legally in your divorce agreement. Grounds for changing these must be legally executed and based on specific criteria. A change in your financial circumstances is sufficient to re-examine criteria for possible modification.If your ex-spouse refuses to deal with any of your issues or those of your son, it is best to hire a legal advocate.

  5. Jon says:

    I am a soon to be divorced father with twin boys. One is special needs with autism and cerebral palsy. I have always been the main caregiver as far as his doctors, therapy, school, etc. Now I’m facing a 50/50 custody with a mother that goes out and leaves the child with their grandmother more than being with them. I know I can get first right of refusal. But are there any legal pathways I can pursue to make sure that he is with me and not a sitter when his mother has them and is not present. She tends to never go anywhere with them and I am always taking them everywhere with me. I’m seeing a decline in his social development. Their grandmother is wonderful but is 70 and its too much on her. Please help.

    • Janet says:

      Hi Jon,

      My Fiance is going through such a similar issue with his severely disabled son who has CP. 🙁 He’s always been the one caring for his son, and after his divorce with her, his mother is extremely negligent of his needs, even more than when they were married. Their son misses school, doctors appointments, physical therapy and isn’t bathed according to sources that told his Dad when he’s with his mother. They have 50/50 custody split. CPS has dragged her into court, but still, he’s not put in full custody with his Dad. She is only interested in her son for the law-suit money she collects monthly. It’s really sad and the courts don’t seem to recognize Father’s Rights around here, because they value Mothers so much more here, and that could lead to the demise of their son. She’s put him in real danger. There’s more to the story.

      I just feel it would be nice if good Fathers like you could have a connecting point for emotional support. Would it be okay if you two connected? If so, please write me and I’ll get you two connected. I’m going to show this site to him also. I just found this, and am so grateful that I did! Thanks, Special Needs Alliance!

      And also, if anyone reading this can help my Fiance and his son, please, we welcome your wisdom. It’s gotten really crazy and he needs a good lawyer. I’m really scared for my future step-son’s life! Thank you!

    • jackie says:

      why should a home be split 50 50 during a divorce when mom takes care of a special needs 16 year old?

    • V Bailey says:

      Although I am a retired legal secretary in family law (outdated).
      Ask the court that you have first option for being the babysitter when the mother seeks a sitter.

      Take it in small steps,,, first be quiet, simply be the nice, friendly sitter, gain the extra time, when it’s long enough, consistent and significant, then ask the court for sole custody. Work well with grandmother and keep peace with the mother.

  6. sofia girgis says:

    I’m a single mom who has an autistic son I have never been married to the Father he abandon us and I have done all I can to involve him in his life but he hasn’t been around for 8 months I just want to know if there is a way that I can get permanent custody of my son I do my own a BA with him I take him to therapy in the morning School the afternoon for therapy in the evening I take him everywhere to get social interaction and when I do talk to his father he just told me that I stressing out because I tell him that he has to call everyday be consistent in order for me to let him see my son because it could hurt him developmentally he hasn’t seen him in almost a year and is doing very good and you can’t even be consistent and its hurting him and it’s hurting me and I don’t want any money from him I don’t want nothing from him all I want is permanent custody of my son can anyone help mehe has a history of being abusive to me I left the situation because the last time I lived in Las Vegas he hit me while I was holding my son and I did not want to stick around for him to physically hurt myself someone please help

    • Cathy Bahan says:

      I’d suggest that you contact a member of the Special Needs Alliance directly. If you go to


      you’ll find a directory that’s organized by state.

      • Nicki Pecchenino says:

        You should go to court and get conservatorship. It will not give you full custody, but it will help when it comes to having control over the enormous issues and services you need for your son.

        • Anita Irons says:

          I live in Florida so my comments pertain to our laws ect. You do not need an attorney if you cannot afford it. I can go to my local Clerk of the Court, request docs & instructions to petition for the loss of legal & parental rights of the absent parent die to & declared abandonment of the child. The courts can appoint various persons/agencies to assist to insure continuity such as a guardian ad litem….ect. No one is going to work harder than you! Even if you go with a professional for help you need to educate yourself as much as possible to ensure that you’re getting what you should be getting from that professional. I think you’ll find that almost all of us can really do it a whole lot better ourselves. Good luck.

  7. Gail says:

    I am seeking full custody of my son with special needs. I want to make sure that access or visitation is at my son’s discretion and he will not be required by contract or forced by his father to visit. He’s 16 and their relationship isn’t good. My son doesn’t care to have him around often. The father is unstable, but may cause issues out of embarrassment (he has already). Also, if the father one day realizes that he wants to reconsider the custody, is there anyway to prevent this from happening? Most likely I will be seeking guardianship when my son turns 18 and I don’t want his father to come back to haunt us or my son in the future. Is there special verbiage that I can use in the agreement to protect my son? I am not seeking any child support as all of us (other kids too) just want him out of our lives without any strings attached. Thanks.

  8. Rhonda King says:

    I have two autistic twins 19 yrs. Old . Their dad walked out of their lifes. Didn’t help with anything in high school. Pro. Graduation nothin. He don’t buy clothes he don’t abide by anything in the divorce papers. It’s like I am taking care of babies alone and he gets to run free.please please help I never have money. He want help he blocked our numbers. Idk what to do. Hit bottom.

  9. Jason says:

    I currently have custody of my son who is high functioning autistic. His mother walked out on us twice. We divorced almost a year ago. Now after a year of me trying to get her to co-parent and her fighting me all the way she has a need to show face to her family and new man. She is trying to get full custody of our son. No one (including her sometimes) is acknowledging what the change will do to him. I give him structure and stability, consistency. All she thinks about is her wants. The IEP councilor even said it would be a bad idea to pull him from his current situation and school. Lawyers here don’t care nor does the mediator. 🙁 The demands are full custody or 1 week on 1 week off. I need help or a better way to get the lawyers or court to hear my pleas that this is not only a waste of time and money but it will destroy my son. His welling is all I care about. If the court does the 1 to 1 then I will be strong enough to say no. I CANT do that to my son. After all the therapy, Brain Balance, special diet needs and ocular therapy it would kill him. I would give her the custody if the judge tries to force that. It will hurt but It’s not about me, my kid comes first no matter what. I know its hard to believe but as a Dad that actually got custody (which frankly, never happens in my state) I am truly understanding how my new partner felt when she went through this. I understand now what all these woman are feeling. The struggles and feeling associated with divorce and special needs children.
    Suggestions? Links to go to? Anything?

    • Cathy Bahan says:

      I’d suggest you contact a Special Needs Alliance member attorney. If you go to https://www.specialneedsalliance.org/find-an-attorney/ , you’ll find a directory that’s organized by state.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi , Jason I am in a similar situation. I would love to chat with you for some moral support , I think men like you are few and far between .I commend you on your loyalty to your family you don”t hear of that much anymore. My name is Melissa and I have two Autistic sons which I take care of on my own . I would love to help anyway I can !

    • Ms Rue says:

      At age 18 you can do Guardenship sole and start documenting every dr visit have them document who brings accompany him and every testing and school and meetings iep etc . Have them give you a copy and also email you dr report stating “father accompanied child alone” and file the email under a folder dr and keep to show as custody and Guardenship is based on child needs …medical needs and financial for Guardenship show records from child support if she is delinquent or proof never paid or behind as Guardenship is for financial and medical. Also try Mct oils and tell dr little very little at a time gradual increase cognitive help so much more focus could see after a few days as she reads for recreation instead of coloring for hours as before. Good luck if you have custody and on waiver sls or dd you can do day program yourself in Colorado and get paid minimal $10 hr I do it so my child gets to go out more hours as day program she scored too high and cost of going in community cost day program more $26 hr so they only let her go out 3 days and not 5 . Or 4 days and not eligible for 5 th day as look around some programs charge less to go out in community and some have 5 days not 4 . I do day program age 18-21 as she in school Transistions and would loose it as no day program for after 2:30 pm or weekends unless I do my self so I got hired by a home health agency in 2 days that takes sls waiver. My kid gets to pick where we volunteer and I demonstrate and job shadow and set up visuals and jobs for her and we do recreational activities she picks so I get only $10 hr but it pays for car insurance gas and her fees and I am her caregiver so some places get me in for free to accompany her ask each.. and a little extra as we get 24 hrs a week. And when you do waiver thru county need to have full day care providers camp school anyone who knows child has bad days each month etc and gets tired at end of day and acts differently and have them present for evaluation and have them care provide current and over night if necessary so they know what 8 hrs is like of care for your kid on not their best day as we al have good days but tell the people you need their help to answer questions on his long term care and his care every day as he has bad days and long days and hope this helps. Also child support can go forever more easy before age 18 or 21 or what listed in divorce but need ssi determination that is what my court is based on in Colorado ..blank motion child support continue Thru garnished wages as set up prior ..until child deemed emancipated by the courts, based on receiving ssi disability. And any care etc. good luck and try MCT oils natural grocery has single ones know brainer full dose aovgive 1/4 of it till work up. Tell dr .

  10. Lu Adair says:

    My son is 21 (Aspergers) . I am getting a divorce and still need some financial help. Would it still be considered child support? I want him to keep in touch with dad so I can get a break. Would that be visitation? Because he is over 21 and can come and go as he pleases I am not sure how to word it. Trying to divorce without an attorney. We are in agreement about everything so far.

    • Lee says:

      I have a similar situation ! But we were using a mediator and the minute he signed the quadro to evaluate his pension ! He put his retirement papers in & retired ! Very quickly he bought a brand new townhouse out of state ! I have not lived with him for 11 years ! WE ARE NOT LEGALLY SEPARATED ! He lives in another home he bought before we were married !
      He is a Control freak ! He Has paid all my bills while I raised my child who is now a young adult working and about to drive ! I have given up the best 11 years of my life ! He thinks I should sell my home and go live in the townhouse he bought out of state ! Not in my name ! More control ! I need help and don’t know where to turn! I don’t work full time ! He said he can’t afford the house I live in anymore ! ?
      He has more than I know of. !

  11. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    My child is turning 21 years old in December (Down Syndrome). His father lives in NY and I live in California. Together we have two children, our youngest is 18 years old. I moved from NY when the boys were 2 and 4 years old and almost every year since I moved from NY to CA I have traveled back to visit family and every single visit the father has picked up our youngest son but not our oldest. He once said that it was too hard for him to handle. He completely washed his hands from our son when we split. I would like some help in pursuing the child support. I feel its only fair that he continues to pay for our oldest son.

  12. Tammy Keever says:

    I need help on this…my son has special needs from a auto accident 18 years ago….he will be turning 18 this September….and the thing is, his dad and I aren’t together at all…and we live in separate houses and I am remarried….and my son lives with me…so when applying for guardianship of my son….I am appointing myself as guardian over him….his dad wants to be guardian also….and wants me to put his name on the guardianship papers….do I have too??? I need help!!!!

  13. Gilmar says:

    I need help. My son is 8 and has high functioning autism. His dad and are divorced. The process took almost 3 years in which I never received child support for my son and he visited him just twice both times days before a court date. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and I proceeded Pro se. I took time to prepare myself but I guess I failed to do things right. On trail my ex repeatedly denied my son’s autism diagnosis, even though I had a medical diagnosis from when he was three, two diagnosis from 2 different school districts. Now he has 50/50 custody of my son and was ordered to pay a minimum amount of child support and he hasn’t made a payment to date or filed an income withhold order and he was ordered by the judge. The only two times he has came to my pick my son up has been a disaster. My son doesn’t want to go with him (he lives 3 hours away) but he forced him to go. The first time my son called on distress crying wanting to come back home in the middle of the night and since then he’s terrified to go there again. I went to pick him up first time in the morning. The second time my ex came forced him again even thought I have repeatedly begged him to go on my son pace and not force things because of the stress and the behavior damage that these episodes have on my son. But he fails to understand my son’s disabilities and makes not effort to educate himself about autism and how to approach our son. So he came and picked him up and once again my son refused to go but he pushed him. Then when they left and he took the highway my son tried to jump out of the car and had a horrible meltdown. He couldn’t handle it and had no option but bring him back to me screaming and pointing fingers.
    The judge in the final judgement ordered me to take my son to have another autism screening which I did and it obviously proved my son does have autism. Now I need to modify visitations to avoid these distressing episodes and modify child support so I can pay for my son’s therapies and support he needs but I’m terrified to be let down once again by the justice system because I cannot afford a lawyer. Please help.

    • Amanda K says:

      At age 8 the referee or judge may consider meeting & talking with your son about his negative feelings & experiences with his father.

  14. Mel Skelton says:

    My friend is getting a divorce and has cared for his disabled adult daughter as much as the mother. The mother has legal guardianship and tells him if he divorces her she will take all his assets and never let him see the adult child again.. Is this possible?

  15. Elisa S says:

    I have a 20 year old severely disabled daughter and my ex wants to start paying support to her through a special needs trust. What he pays gets spent every month. How will this work if you have to have a certain balance and what kind of headache will it become to access it and now account for every penny spent ?

  16. Allison says:

    My Husband has an austistic son who is 24. He works two days a week and collects disability. His mother whom he resides has done little to help with his social anxiety. Courts ordered my husband to pay monies for him. She was told to get him help to learn how to do things on his own she did for a minute. All the years he lived with her why wasn’t he ready to go on his own. He’s stopped programs saying people there are worse than him stopped counseling now mother trying to put him in something else all due to 23 yo sister immancipated its all about the money for her plus she gets child support for the 12 yo. $1600 a month. Why is it he can work two days a week collect disability tell his mom no groups no counseling and my husband has to pay? I have seen down syndrome people working at places like McDonalds why is he so special. The judge left the case open, but I think he’s being had. We barely make it. He was also ordered to pay part of his 23 yo college fund after 4 yrs of not paying there was an agreement between him and ex and that changed too as soon as he took her to court for immamcipation. She has turned his family on him his kids messes with
    visitation and gets away with it all. Can you please help with this. I believe she has had plenty of time ro prepare the autistic son for the real world but, waited till immancipation time so she wouldn’t lose money fought for this. This is so unfair.

  17. Jamie Duda says:

    I’m in the middle of a divorce and just ran across this page.
    My son is 6 and has Down Syndrome. I’m trying to find the best parenting plan that is in the best interest for him.
    I live in NE and his father lives in MO, a three hour trip there and back.
    My son has activities and school, which I would like for him to continue as it is good for him in many ways.
    His father is in denial when it comes to his Disability.
    Could you help or do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you

    • Ms. Rue says:

      Adult child look into MCT oils game changer for my child cognitive level start 1/4 tsp 3 -7days then increase by 1/4 tsp up to 1 T daily max we are on 1 tsp to 1.5 and after 3 months she does great and learning again reading hours we watch increasing because dirrehea. child support can be made forever for a child till deemed emancipated by the courts in some states it is easier and almost automatic if you file when they are 18 before they turn 19 to see judge so file fast.So at age 17 .5 I worked on ssi and provided to ssi each dr report with any diagnosis for all physical and mental physical or mental as Down syndrome have a high rate of celiac disease wheat allergy (blood test don’t need Anesthia as my child like some Down’s syndrome has affected her cognitive and and sleep apena get both checked and recheck yearly . Provide ssi with everything iep testing and give them reports and makes determination for ssi quick provide actual dr reports and testing I had dr email me and my chart and printed out so it showed came from their email and they just verify . After ssi file a blank motion at age 18 wording” child support continue Thru garnished wages and enforcements already in place Thru child support reinforcements until child is emancipated as deemed by the courts . I am also adding father to carry life insurance $100,000 to be paid into special needs trust set up for special needs adult (SNT $3000 can be paid out of trust in installments if lawyer agrees as ssi subtracts child support so you might as well pay for trust out of child support going into SNT so can continue and ssi doesn’t count SNT so child gets full ssi money when adult at 18. Some divorces state child support till 21 so may still have a chance till file before 21. Supply Court
      With ssi determination of eligibility and any waiver you have or are lacking because of wait list for years and Cna needed or 24/7 care needed as documented on waiver or Cna care plan and cost to provide care estimate or actual receipts $10-$20 hr documented from a agencyan agency that provides care . After 18 or 21 I would still try and get a Lawer special needs to restablish child support as ssi qualified and waivers for home care are wait list years and years. If child 18 and on ssi and waiver and you only qualified for sls waiver from 18-21 you don’t get to use day programs as they are in transistion schools in Colorado till Aprox 21 but you can do day program yourself get hired by a home health care agency just ask if they accept sls waiver also and you volunteer and job shadow and demonstrate and take kid out for recreation activities they can still do camp and you stop day program for summer , pay is minimal I get $10 hr but I can help her get out and learn volunteer job and maybe she can volunteer alone someday or get a paying job or at least become more independent and get out and do recreational activities we are also teaching her Rtd bus with me , it is hardest thing I had to face as I believe she is safer on bus getting to a Rec center or volunteer work than walking . Still unsure about Uber ride share , currently she does access a ride alone and I drive her every where. You can also become Cna without home waiver if your child qualifies with a home care agency ,, you can do it in a months, not years if you find a class that is a few weeks mine was 2 weeks. I studied book on tape and practiced skills every day for month used babysitters and completed and written test not really hard if you study book and skills just keep practicing and so in detail and talk out loud stating all skills. iF CHILDUNDER18 try “point of service” thru state for waiver if local county doesn’t qualify for CES waiver
      Home base waiver for care age 0-18 if on Ces they now go thru to dd waiver when 18 automatically currently in Colorado so get on before 18 waiver if county says no on internet search “point of service “ for disability and find out who can qualify your kid based on handicap before 18 keep trying if child has health issues as sls waiver only pays for day program or limited home care not both unless you divide it up and do approximate 12 hours a week home and 12 hrs a week day program. Have camp or teacher or care provider do sis meeting scoring for waiver with you Simone who knows the bad days your kid has each month and I had provider come to my house and babysit before meeting 4 times so knew care and she was also her camp counselor but was last year so I had her babysit for current care needs . Good luck as sls waiver score differently and hours you get for home care and day program are based on that score so have those people know this is for care for your child and her needs as she has bad days each month etc and have them answer on how child is on all fulllll days as it is not 4 hrs of care get people pay for care providers for 8 hrs so they know the care for when child tired at end of days and early morning and Thru night if necessary so you can document needs good luck God bless

  18. tim Monroe says:

    I have had custody of my daughter since birth. Divorced her mom when she was 13 and got physical placement ast she 18 her mother went for custody. Many daughter got a guardian ad litem who did no research and passed along to the judge a third party who is now her guardian. My daughter still lives with me and now I have to watch this person tell me what is going to happen with my child and all her job is to put her in a home. I agree she should go into a home where there are kids her age she can grow with at the right time after she graduates and traditions and is ready. What can I do? Do I have any rights at all anymore? I’m so tired of the fight

    • Cathy Horning says:

      Lord help me Ken, I may be in a similar circumstance. Can a judge force joint guardianship of a special needs adult? My daughter has lived with me her whole life. Her dad is about himself…. a million examples- and why we are not together anymore. We were joint conservators after the divorce. For 10 years he has been vacation. Every other weekend and a couple of short visits during the week. I want him to see her but I do not think it is fair to an adult to keep that schedule forever… she should be allowwd to grow up, get a job if possible, and have her own life. We have worked with him on everything up to now. There were issues but we never made a big deal of them because I knew it was temporary. I want him to see her but not control our achedule for the rest of my life and hers… not to mention hold up life and death decisions because he “shuts down”. Now he wants to be JOINT GUARDIANS… there can be NO move made if we are in disagrement…. or that is what I understand. Is it possible to appoint both if they are not both in agreement to start with?

      • Ms Rue says:

        I am sole guardian as father didn’t contest as I told him I have every dr visit report stating while married 10 yrs and separated now Yrs that he didn’t come to any dr appointments each report from dr states mother accompanied child alone to dr appointment and all testing. He did come to a few surgeries but I told him Guardenship is regards to financial and medical and I have proof from child support payments made to state that he is thousands behind and I have proof he didn’t come to any dr appointments . So if he didn’t come to dr go get complete medical file from dr and visits state who present and start having them document who present and provide you a copy I also have them email me a copy and I file to a folder dr and keep all my emails. Just document each time and any financial he may have changed in jobs my had and periods of unemployment and I have copy of all w 2 can get from your accountant that filed your taxes to show his income or lack of or changes in jobs and unemployment just get your account to email you all past taxes and w2. Also document who provides care for child and what needed care plan from waiver or Cna etc may help. Also try MCT oils very small doses at first and look into tell dr. Game changer my child has started learning again at age 18 on few months remarkable cognitive better reads now instead of coloring.

  19. Cindy Kennedy says:

    my daughter, Sarah Clark, is a dedicated mother to Claire, 4, (with Down Syndrome) and Dani, 2. She divorced a year ago, thinking she had sole physical custody. At the time, she was living here in St. Joseph, MO, where I live so I could help. Her alcoholic husband, who lives in Omaha, was picking up the girls drunk at the halfway point. So Sarah now lives in Omaha (actually Papillion).
    Now the ex-husband is trying to get 50/50 custody, and as Sarah has been fighting this, learned that no she doesn’t have sole physical custody. But, she has joint custody. Her attorney here in St. Joe had her sign the docs, telling her nothing had changed.
    Anyway, not to belabor that point, but that’s why she is at risk of losing her children and having them only 50% of the time.
    Her attorney says the exhusband’s 2 DUI’s is not enough to prove he’s an alcoholic. If he gets another one, that will be enough to throw this out of court. Well, until that happens, I am maintaining that a child with Down Syndrome MUST HAVE A CONSISTENT LIFE STYLE, INCLUDING DIET, MEDICAL ATTENTION, DISCIPLINE, DAILY ROUTINE, ENOUGH SLEEP, ETC. ETC. ETC.



  20. Guillermo Arce says:

    Getting divorced, mom moved out the house and left with a son with autism and a 21 year old daughter with schizophrenia and currently I am her conservator after being found gravely disabled beyond a reasonable doubt. I am at the family home and I am paying all the bills, including the mortgage and all. Mom takes her paycheck and provides zero support to the kids. I know that under California law parents have an obligation to support their disabled children. My daughter is very impacted with her mental condition and requires constant supervision and medication monitoring. She goes to the hospital at least 2 times a year due to psychotic episodes. I basically don’t have a life, I also have full time employment so juggling the responsibilities is tough. I am concerned about the effect that an order for support will have on their benefits, my son gets Medi-Cal through the DD Waiver, In Home Supportive Services and my daughter SSI and Medi-Cal, as well as, In-Home Supportive Services. They need these benefits. Of course my wife wants 1/2 of our assets and said to sell the house so she could get her 1/2. I don’t know if I can refinance and I don’t know if I can start paying 30 years of mortgage payments. My health is not good, I had kidney failure last year and currently have moderate chronic kidney disease probably with a year or two before dialysis is starts. I also have other chronic health conditions. Anyway I need to know about in-kind alimony instead of child support payments to avoid causing disruptions on children’s benefits. I do carry private health insurance but, Medi-Cal provides IHSS for my minor autistic son. I don’t want to deal with the hassle.

  21. Matt says:

    My husband has a 2 1/2 year old with his previous girlfriend. We try and do everything we can to see them. We beg to keep them over night. We beg for more hours. We have papers already so we can see them. Now that he has been on a regular over night and daily visits with us she found out he was high functioning autism. Now, we no longer can have them for more than 4 hours. Nor, keep them over night because it is out of his normal routine. We have never seen him throw a tantrum or have night mares or anything to affect his normal behavior. She says she has seen it and we have no clue what’s going on. That when he stays the night with us he’s endangering himself. We’ve asked for proof. Still none, and it’s been 4 months. Is this legally right? Is it good for his health to actually not stay the night with us? What should we do??

  22. janet says:

    hi i have a daughter with cerebral palsy . she is now 29 and the gov. want to mancipe her. her dad never there for her im the only one doing everything she can’t walk , she can’t do anything i feed her dress her do everything. what can i do that her dad don’t stop to give her child support that is a misery 20 dollar a week.. i don’t write very well english but i understand. please someone can tell me if there any law that help my daughter

  23. Wendy says:

    I need help. I have a daughter who has type I diabetes and was recently diagnosed with JIA which can potentialy be a crippling disease. She has so many doctor appointments and the father refuses to help. I hsve 5 other kids and work full time. I need help. We had mediation on Monday and we have court set for August 31. What are the laws to make him help with her? Are there any? PLEASE HELP!!!!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I had primary physical custody for 17 yrs, relinquished custody to dad so that moderately cognitively impaired daughter could complete senior year at HS. I moved about 35 mins. away. out of district. Arrangement was supposed to be temporary however Dad now refuses to relinquish physical custody so that daughter may start post-secondary program and live with me. Program vetted by both of us. He is most definitely motivated by the receipt of support payments. I LIVE IN ESSEX County case is being heard in MIDDLESEX County at the end of the month. I’m seeking counsel. Please help!!!

    • Sandra Stinson says:

      I am a mom of an autistic son having a trial in Middlesex County in about one week. I would so much appreciate speaking to you ASAP if you don’t mind. Can you send me a message on Facebook (reminding me who you are)….and my profile is my son’s face next to mine in a restaurant with some frozen drinks. On Facebook, you will find me as “Sandra Stinson”. thank you!

  25. Diane says:

    My son and daughter in law live in my husbands and my home. It’s a mother daughter type. They have twin sons one of which has autism. My husband and I have helped the both in almost every way we have bought the boys school clothes, coats and shoes, whatever they needed we helped them with. After 15 yrs of marriage they are looking to divorce. She is not the best mother she will make food for our autistic grandson which is only grilled cheese sandwiches or chicken nuggets but we cooked two days a week and her father brought over pizza one day a week. She did not cook the other days. My son would cook the other 2 days before he would go to work. Weekends we usually bought them take out. When they decided to end their marriage ( they have not done so yet ) she was going to move out and give prime custody to my son and only see the boys every other weekend. She had also suggested that they split the boys and leave her autistic son with my son and she would take the other boy. The law states in NY that the mother can stay in the home that the austic child is comfortable in and the husband must leave. Once she found this out she now wants to stay in my home and have my son pay for everything. My husband and I are 65 yrs old and our sons helps us when needed. She does nothing to help maintain the house or yard. Do as homeowners have any rights in this matter? 3 yrs ago we put our son on the deed under a Declaration of Life Estate to try and protect this home,that has been in my husbands family since 1955, from the state taking if we ended up in a Nursing Home. My daughter in law does not want these boys she just does not want to pay any out of pocket expence on her end.

  26. margaret says:

    my daughter’s relationship with a man has now dissolved but their 2yr old son has been diagnose with autism and low muscle tone. She has custody without the courts involved and he has agreed to this with one day a week for 2hrs. and every saturday for 6hrs. The problem is he wants more time but does not believe that the child has special needs and does not take care of him properly. If she goes to court will he be granted more time? Her fear is this and that we cannot prove that he will be taken care of properly.

  27. Paula says:

    I live in NY and have been divorced for 11 years. My special needs son is now 19. I have joint guardianship w/ my ex (I am his custodial parent). We have followed the same visitation schedule throughout the years, but due to some new circumstances, my son is expressing reluctance to go to his dad’s. My attorney said the court will not address our visitation schedule because of his age, saying “It’s up to him if he goes to his dad’s or not.” Is there any exception to this where a court would be willing to address this situation given the fact that my son is developmentally around 4 and lacks the expressive language skills to really voice what he wants? We recently had a situation where my son refused to go to his dad’s for dinner and when I told my ex, he answered with a threat that the next time my son went over there he would not send him home again.

  28. Nicole Remsburg says:

    Could someone please help me with a complicated domestic relations issue? My son, is on the Autism Spectrum as well as having Intellectual Disabilities, severe Juvenile Arthritis, etc. When the child support was calculated in York County, it never to into account that I was totally & permanently disabled and my son was a special needs child. I found out after two years of being on LTD, that John’s Hoskins had no more options for me and Prudential-Disability hired a third party, ALLSUP to file for Social Security Disability benefits for me, then filed for my son. They were responsible for making me when at 70% of my base salary. This was all a scam. But meanwhile, the Federal Government ended paying for child support and the ex only had to pay $79 a MONTH for child support. I could have gotten lifetime alimony but I was assured that I would be able to return to my lucrative career. Therefore; the $500 alimony ended December 2015. He stop paying child support May 2015. I was in a very verbally and emotionally abuse marriage for 13 years. We have 50/50 custody but he never followed the custody order. He did what he wanted. I am barely holding on to my townhouse and feed my son. I want to focus on file a domestic relations case in the County we both have been living in for the past five years. The ex’s high priced attorney told him “no matter what, don’t let her file in Dauphin County you will get hosed.” I would like to know if there is a pro Bono atty that can assist me within PA. I have spent my entire life savings on saving our dream home from foreclosure and we’ll over $25k in attorney fees…

    Desperate in PA!

  29. Nicole Remsburg says:

    I forgot to add that his father makes > $100k annually and has taken care of his girlfriend and two children for the past seven years, but yet has not helped in anyway but for last year when he actually gave me $100 to buy him a pair of sneakers….hard to find size 16 sneakers let alone for $100, but I made it work. He also bought him a winter coat. These are the only things that he has provided for his son in seven years. I and my parents, have been able to pull it off. Even though I have zero earned income, I was told by the State that I don’t qualify for food benefits, I “make” $300 too much to be eligible.

    • Leslie Robinson says:

      Start by Filing an order of child support modification in the county where your divorce took place. Most courts/county have people who can help you complete the forms.

  30. Amy Gary says:

    I am the custodial parent of a beautiful 18 year old who is wheel chair bound and physically not mentally disabled child. The day she turned 18 the father called and stopped child support and has not paid dime after. He provides healthcare for my child but when asking to change her name for it to match medicaid he said I needed to choose his insurance or medicaid. He has not seen this child since she was 6 he does not understand the care and unending attention is needed for her. I want to file a motion so she is provided for and I with a family of my own cannot even return back to school to finish my career goal due to extensive care needed for her. He does make way more than I do and could provide for her while I take care of her. He refuses to pay anything even existing bills for he has refused to pay. I am at wits end and want to do something but all I read is that I should have before she turned 18. I applied for disabiltiy the monday after she turned 18 and as of this date she still doesnt recieve any monetary benefits. If you can advise me what is best it would be much appreciated.

    • Kimberly McGrantham says:

      I also have a disabled adult daughter 22yrs old. When she turned 18 I filed for a child support extension which is good for 3 yrs. As long as shes on SSI/medicaid. Also, she gets Medicaid (united healthcare) which I had to get documents signed by her dr saying that shes still disabled and needs in home healthcare. It took 6 long months but then I was approved to become her paid caretaker! It’s called the “PPP” OR PERSONAL PREFERENCE PROGRAM… google it. So please look into that asap so u can get paid for doing what you add already do!
      Now I need to find out how to file for an extension since my ten yrs is up. I hope that helped!

  31. Kathy says:

    Hi my name is Kathy I have 11 years old son with special needs I’m married leaving in Michigan because of my husband income he dosent have a insurance so we are thinking of divorce but I don’t know where to start…do I need special attorney???We are on a good turn with my husband but not sure how does it work with specil need child what to expect…maybe you know good attorney in Michigan…. thanks Kathy

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Kathy you know ohio has grant funded ABA therapy . There is an Autism Center called Sail in Ohio near toledo you pay nothing you just have to live there its on the border of Michigan .

  32. Maria Rodriguez says:

    I am legally married and have a 4yr old down sydrome child, her father walked out and had committed 2 adulterous affairs , he left to flordia and he only makes attempt to visit our daughter once a year , he does pays child support and Alimony but doesn’t see her as suppose to , i have been her biggest advocate with research and unable to work due to the fact with her special needs . I informed her dad he needs to be more invovled , and he says nothing he can do …. he is the one that a bonded us , is there away I can take his rights away since he isnt there for support physically or mentally ? Plz I need your help regarding this matter !

  33. samantha says:

    I have a special needs son, he has severe brain damage, legally blind and has cp, he has been with me since he came home from the nicu and he has seizure disorder, i am goin through a divorce with his father and his father put in the divorce papers that he wants him, and he has never seen him or nothing and his father already has a new fiance any help, all my son knows is his mama and he is 24 hour care round the clock he eats every two hours and he has alot of care he needs that his father knows nothing about

  34. Hellen Damnation says:

    My child (we will call Sid) lived with me for 16 years of life. Dad was abusive; we divorced, I took the “high road” – He hated me more than he loved his child, I loved my child more than I hated him . . .

    At 16 1/2 Sid needed ( according to Sid) to live with dad, because it had been so long. . . (Broke my heart, but I did not fight, because I love Sid more than my own flesh and Sid wanted and deserved Dad’s love). Dad had spent 15 years having fun, lending no emotional, moral, physical, financial support to Sid. Dad earned $60K+ per year and finagled $15.00 per week in child support for years. Never “found” time to spend with Sid . . .

    Fast forward . . . Dad and his wife petition the court for conservatorship of person and estate (and do not notify me) of Sid who is about to turn 18, is extremely high functioning Asperger’s (maybe) – the man beat me and Sid has diagnosed but ignored PTSD) Sid’s IQ is over 140 . . .

    Dad and stepmom take all Sid’s income for about two years . . .

    A week ago dad and stepmom illegally threw Sid out – they gave Sid four hours to “get your sh*t and get out”. Needless to say, Sid came to stay with me. . .

    Last week they asked Sid to agree to pay for his phone plan with them (Sid agreed). Today they received the papers for revocation of conservatorship. Within two hours Sid’s phone was shut off. . .

    Sid is very hurt and my heart hurts . . .

  35. Hellen Damnation says:

    Sid’s dad and I divorced when Sid was 5.

    • Barbara Lahmon says:

      If your situation has not yet been resolved: you should report this situation to the fraud unit of IHSS immediately. They would be your best bet as they are the program directly involved in your son’s care and payment for same. Their fraud hotline number is 1-800-822-6222. Good luck!

    • Jane says:

      Hellen Damnation…I’m so sorry for you and Sid. Your a hood mom. I’ll be praying for you both tonight. I hope you got every nickel of sids money back from that idiot.

  36. Martha Martinez says:

    I need help!!! I just found out that my ex husband is receiving IHSS hours to take care of my son. My son lives with me and seeds a few hours with his dad after school. I’m upset that dad is claiming hours that he hasn’t work and he is claiming the hours my son is with me at home. I already reported to the Medical Fraud and they are taking for ever. My son has multiple disabilities and my mother is the one that takes care of him and my ex is claiming those hours as he was working. Any one that could assist me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    • Barbara Lahmon says:

      Martha, if your situation has not yet been resolved: you should report this situation to the fraud unit of IHSS immediately. They would be your best bet as they are the program directly involved in your son’s care and payment for same. Their fraud hotline number is 1-800-822-6222. Good luck!

  37. jennifer says:

    my son had adhd and mood disorder he has not seen his biological father since he was 2 he is now 9 his father is a known violent felon and has issues himself, he wont pay support and is taking me to court for visitation witch we already had an order in place witch stated supervised he never attened any of them and now he is trying to change that order i was givin two weeks to hire a laywer because my husband now makes to much but yet we dont make enough to pay 2,500 to a lawyer can u please give me some guidance as to the laws of special needs children and visits in nys thank you

  38. Rosalyn says:

    Hello, my son is 8 years old and has Down Syndrome. I also have a 5 year old daughter and my husband and I are in the beginning stages of a divorce or separation. Either way I need help with trying to figure out about divorce and financially caring for my special needs child and my daughter. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  39. Rachael says:

    My mom has not seen her son in over 9 years he has cerebral palsy. Our dad has custody. My mom has tried over and over just to talk to him. She misses him so much.
    My brother is a adult now he’s 24
    But there’s no way my mom can see him unless my dad agrees which he won’t
    It’s not fair to my brother or my mom

  40. Theresa Lawton says:

    I have two autistic girls they are 13 and 15 years old we libe in north charleston sc my husband abandoned us in 2009 the military stepped in for a few yrs and wrote up a separation agreement legal contract and I have not seen a dime since I know he works but I can’t afford a lawyer because my children are on disability and I can barely pay the bills I really need a lawyer if anyone can help me please contact me thank you and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

  41. Annie Gutshall says:

    I have a question about my special needs son and my pending divorce and custody. I am and always have been the primary breadwinner and caregiver to my boys. Dad has a sometimes construction job, no benefits, no retirement, etc. is there a legal way to keep him from taking half of my retirement (to cash out and buy a truck and house) as his half of future care/support for our son? I have put every penny into my retirement because my son will need care as an adult, housing, etc. and I need that money to stay intact…

  42. Augustus Whitfield Jr. says:

    My mildly autistic son just turned 18. Its toxic between ex wife and I yet I have tried to create dialogue for nbregads to what life will be like when son turns 18. No response. Ex spouse does communicate regarding dr.vists and what not. I caught whiff several months ago that she would try to continue to collect child support past 18 and it’s coming to fruition as she wants to defer my son’s diploma. She wants guardianship of my son…..which means I will never see my son and still have to pay child support. I was going to file for guardianship but she beat me to it. The county I reside in is very biased toward the mother that it’s a reality they will give guardianship to my former spouse. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can perhaps turn the tide? This is do unfair

  43. Erika says:

    I have a 10 year old daughter with Williams syndrome. Her father is not upholding his end of the custody arrangement and will be at least 10 days short of his 98 days this year. He will not be able to make them up and I gave him a chance to make up at least a few and he declined that chance. He complains that he has to find a babysitter when he works and has her, and tonight he told me when I said I was taking him to court again “you wanna play? Well then I will be dropping her off at 4 pm not 8 pm on Sundays from now on.” Yes this is screenshotted and will be in court to show that he used his CHILD as a pawn in a game that he wants to play. He never alerts me to problems, he has no part in her schooling, health care of anything, he barely asks. I do the best I can with the parenting guidelines, following them as I can because he works 2nd shift so he doesn’t pick her up until after 11 pm on Friday nights and then drops her off at 8 pm on Sundays so not even 4 full days per month and he still complains. He complains about the 4 weeks during summer and spring and fall break which are necessary for him to get his time in. He calls me when he has a problem and can’t find a babysitter, puts all the responsibility on me for everything. He asks me to help him do his taxes, do his papers for work, and many other things. I have helped in the past but no more. I am tired of being screwed over and I am more tired of watching my baby be hurt by him. As of right now if I call the court he will be held in contempt (as the last time we went to court the judge told him straight up that if he did NOT GET HIS TIME IN he would be held in contempt) which means he can go to jail and pay a hefty fine. He could lose his job. Abby gets SSI which will cover his support but something needs to be done to wake him up. He thinks he has me because the only recourse I have on him is at the end of the year if he doesn’t get his time in. Suggestions? He does not follow regulations, doesn’t keep track of when he is supposed to have her, I have to do everything. I am tired of doing it all and he only pays 71 a week in support. Seriously it doesn’t even cover half of her expenses. Then he asks me to pay for things if he doesn’t have money (and I don’t EVER have money). He makes more than me and pays 250 a month towards a house his dad owns. Nothing else. I pay 530 rent and 130 utilities and 100 for phone and internet. That’s all I have. And I barely make 1300 a month between support, SSI and my income. I work from home so I can be at home with her as much as possible. He never pays for anything other than support. He doesn’t help with school things, clothing, extras, never offers. He has asked my mom for loans, he even asked a babysitter he had JUST MET THAT NIGHT for 20 dollars. She is the mother of my boyfriends half-sister so I know her and I was mortified. I don’t have money for an attorney, I am barely surviving as it is. What are my options???? I don’t know if there are special needs attorneys out there that would help me? I need someone who is very well-versed in child custody laws.

  44. jennifer says:

    my divorced finalized this month after being married to an abusive major depressive/bipolar man for 18 years. we have three kids who 2 are bipolar and the other is autistic/severe major depressive disorder. they are 7, 10, 17. I actually found out today after talking to him for the first time in 11 months, since the day he left that the reason he abandoned me and the kids is that he wanted to have a normal family and hated me for having disabled children. he resented them and wished that we had divorced 15 years prior so the youngest did not exist. he refuses to spend hardly any time with them, etc. and instead parties and spends time like a 15 year and wants to start life over with someone normal. in the mean time I am attempting to back to school for a masters degree. so frustrated right now that a person could dump their kids because they are different.

  45. lucas says:

    my name is lucas and i have went thru court to get guardianship my foster parent got guardianship over me and i planned on moving out when i was 18 but she put me in special needs without my consent and put me into the program in court by lying and saying i am disabled and i cant live on my own but she did it because she wants cash what should i do i’m not disabled and stupid can i go to court to cancel special needs?????? somebody just help me i need somebody to tell me a answer

  46. Michael says:

    When my ex is granted full guardianship, am I still required to pay child support? My special needs daughter turned 18 last September 2016. My divorce settlement obligates me to child support for her till she graduates from high school up to age 20 which ever occurs first. After my daughter turned 18, my ex filed for full guardianship and conservatorship of my daughter. Doing this strips me of my rights per the divorce settlement e.g. court ordered visitation. I am told my ex will have total control of my daughter and can refuse visitation if my ex does not want her to visit me.

  47. Whiting wicker says:

    I have disabled children by my current marriage. I’m paying alimony to my ex. As a result my disabled children are suffering. The court said I should have thought about that before remarrying and having more kids. Further the court has said it will throw me in jail if I don’t pay the aklimony. Further the court said that’s the meaning of responsibility. I asjked what about responsibilty to my kids? The judge adjourned the hearing. Comment?

  48. Sophia says:

    Hi, I am not divorced with my spouse yet but we are living separately for the past 5 yrs. My son who’s now 10 yrs old now was under my custody for past last 8 months. Due some financial crisis requested his father to support for his education & medical expenses but his father denied saying, only if the child is under his custody he would do so, otherwise he will not. This puts my life in worst situation & forced to leave my son to his father. But still now i do not hold access to my child, nor a contact he completely ignored me. someone kindly help me in this matter.

  49. L says:

    My special-needs son (medium-functioning autism, epilepsy) just turned 18. His dad and I became his legal guardians shortly before he turned 18. I have been a stay-at-home mother for 30 years and have trusted my husband to take care of the finances and save. (Colossal mistake.) Now my marriage is falling apart, and I am learning that he has not provided for us in the way he claims. We are not penniless, but I do not think he has set up resources properly for the long-term care of our son. The realization that I must now go back to work after 30 years, that I may be leaving my husband, and that our son’s financial position is far from secure makes me want to throw up or drive off a cliff — it is the nightmare that wasn’t supposed to happen. Where in the world do I even start?

  50. J t says:

    Hi, unfortunately during my divorce I could not get the small town attorneys to address my daughter separate from her brothers. We incur thousands in medical bills each year, my ex is saying I am the reason she is so expensive. He said since I am remarried he can not afford 35 percent and not paying. He went on to tell me if I talk him tho court he could lose his job. Small town USA, in tennessee attorney says it will cost me more in court then I will get him to pay. Any suggestions… he owes around 4000 for this year and still 2000 last year.

  51. Brenda says:

    I draw social security spousal benefits for caring for my disabled adult son. If my husband and I divorce, will I lose the spousal benefit?

  52. Sue says:

    I am in the middle of a divorce with 3 kids (school age). my youngest has CP (wheelchair bound and high tone that enables him to dress himself, get food, clothes, etc on his own…bathroom…) We moved out of last house to find or build one accesible for him. we build and have all the bells and whistles here. he has done some manipulating things like accumulating very high debt and then (just before filing for divorce) refinanced the house and rolled all our debt into our mortgage (leaving it with no equity) and put so much money into this house to make it glamorous that (I’m sure it was on purpose…..the money should have been spent on our son) there would be no way I could afford it. Also just before filing he bought himself an (used) BMW ($24,000ish)….filed 2 days later. Did this right after we invested in a power wheelchair for our son. We where going to put a carrier on the back of our van but realized it was too heavy for the van. Now I need a wheelchair accessible van as well. Is there a way to still get the house and/or a van. I am working but I just work at the school as a special ed. asst. hour position….not making much. But I needed to get a job that I would be able to be home when he is home.

  53. Jason Fuller says:

    I need someone to contact me about my divorce. My wife filed for divorce while I was deployed in Afghanistan. Wee have 2 minor children one that is special needs. She posted on Facebook that we were getting divorced and that she had started seeing someone. I have been informed by my children that she had him staying in my Houser while I was gone also. I need help now and fast.

  54. Boo says:

    I have a 4 year old son who has Autism and I’m dealing with getting him and his sister back.I don’t have a lawyer so thing’s not looking good on my part,I have no friends no good family member I can talk to please some1 who dealing with this contact me at mizzbootootrue@gmail.com and help each other.

  55. Leland Scott says:

    I have a 21 year old son with Down Syndrome and severe Autism. He has started having severe anger/violent meltdowns. His day care told his mother (guardian) he needs a doctor and help. She did nothing. The adult day care had to call a meeting with her and me to discuss Jacob’s health. She continued to do nothing and they finally had to say Jacob could not come back until a) he’s meltdown free and on medication for it, and b) they be allowed to work with me and not his mother who jerks them around regularly. I haven’t seen my son in 18 days now as she is hiding him. He received an injury during this period that she refuses to tell me about. I went to return his backpack to her and it appears she’s planning to flee. Moving truck out front. I am filing with the state of MO for family access on Tuesday but I need an attorney I think. It’s sad to hear all the women who’s father of their disabled child isn’t involved and then when someone like me is the mother doesn’t ever appreciate it. But then that’s a narcissist for you which she is through and through/

  56. Samia says:

    Hello everyone,

    Does IHSS income count when it comes to child support and alimony? Can opposing lawyer find out that I receive IHSS? I just got approved while gowing through divorce.

    Thank you.

  57. Amy Voyten says:

    My ex husband and I divorced when our son was 4. Our son is now 13. 5 years ago our son was diagnosed ADHD and anxiety disorder. We just had him re-tested this year and he is ASD. While we have joint custody, I have been his primary residence the past 8 years. We have made little progress with getting our son on track and I am burnt out. I can no longer effectively parent him as I have sustained much mental and emotional abuse from our son. My ex husband is slowly coming around but hasn’t’ been super supportive in our situation as he’s still trying to keep up appearances.
    It was highly recommended we receive in patient care for our son as he needs 24/7 structure (I’ve only ever worked 30/hr weeks since our son was born) however I am not enough. We are trying to receive services to support us with our son, however, until opportunity presents itself to place him, we are having trouble keeping him in either home as he has our homes turned upside down. Any way to get more emotional, Respite or placement support? We don’t qualify for Medicaid or SSI.

  58. robyn says:

    My soon has learning difficulties and sustained a brain injury as a baby. he was sent to an emotionally disturbed unit and sexually assaulted by an older child and made out to be a liar by the Head Teacher and staff, I was too afraid and overwhelmed to act. then he got severely bullied by neighbourhood thugs I swore at them and the judge found them not guilty and gave me a filthy look coz I was stupid enough to admit swearing at them. they bashed me really badly but the judge found them not guilty. I was no longer able to look aftter my son and his dad became his carer. he wont give him back to me. I have still got anxiety and flashbacks every day but I feel I could have him again. nothing else means anything to me. I don’t want to help anyone else. no one helped my son when he needed help. why should I help anyone else. I just want him to get better. he now has severe psychiatric issues on top of his learning disabilities and I have severe psychological/psychiatric problems as well because of the bloody teachders and judge that let us down. having a special needs child is the hardest thing ever. u find out who the real arseholes are in this world.

  59. Laura says:

    Hello, Looking for help.My friend lives in the North shore in Massachusetts.She has been divorced for two years .
    Her ex-husband quickly remarried and the new wife has been given legal authority to take care of his finances.
    He has Parkinson’s,and they had been carrying on for a few years before the marriage ended.
    Their son who is 22 is high functioning Autism.
    Dad and the new wife want to cut off child support.
    When the parents split, this child was living with his Dad,but they kicked him out, as they couldn’t manage his behaviors.
    Ex husband has not spoken one word to his former wife since the day she was forced to move out of the house,as it was handicapped accessable,which she created and paid for,got volunteers and donations.
    In Mass.there was divorce reform, and she and the two kids,who actually both have disabilities have been living on a shoe string.
    The new wife pays the support late and the court doesn’t seem to care, so now she has to pay her bills late and she incures late fees,and has a bad credit rating,so she can’t qualify for a loan,to pay for her attorney.
    In Massachusetts, it seems that they don’t require child support after 21 even when the child(Ren)are disabled.
    My friend took early retirement just before the marriage ended,as she intended to stay home to care for her husband.He receives close to 5,000.00 a month tax free, from a military pension and police pension.
    If my friend works he pays less support because everything is 50/50,at this point any job she could do wouldn’t work out too well because as the kids have gotten older, they have become more need.Also Dad has had nothing to do with them since they split.
    I guess I am just wondering what other people’s experiences have been, particularly in this mess.
    Thank you, Laura

  60. Heather Kish says:

    Please, I need help. I have four sons – age 25, 22 and twins that are 19. My son who is 22 lives full time with his dad since he was 7 because my two oldest have Fragile X Syndrome and I had the babies when my ex and I divorced.
    Visitation has always been every other weekend and anytime I wanted. Now he’s married to wife number 3 and my visitation is down to once a month. I can have no access to him at all. He loves us and wants to see us. Looking for an attorney who can tell me why his father’s and step mother’s rights are more important than mine?

  61. Marybeth Bigbie says:

    There are no attorneys in South Carolina who handle divorce and know anything about autism. We are looking for help in settling this divorce and providing for the best interest of my 8 yr old non verbal granddaughter.

  62. C’ Aira says:

    My biological mother up and bailed long before any of us turned 5 years of age myself 4, my brother 3, and my sister 1) I turned 18, moved out on my own and she want to contact me through Facebook. We talk she visits a couple times. I’m now 23 married with 3 kids. This piece of shit of a creature is taking me to court for visitation of my kids!!! My kids!!! Anyway I’m looking to get my fathers wallet fatter. As my sister and I are out on our own he can’t get back child support. But what about for my mentally and physically handicapped brother? He is 22. But still lives with my father. Please let me know.

  63. MARIA says:


  64. thangbiaklal Ngaihte says:

    i’m a single father…i have a 3year old son who cannot speak,sit,walk and has a ceser often….. i used to work in NGO but now due to our seperation i’m with my son and cannot work again i’m worried

  65. Angela Estep says:

    I have a 13 year old son with A.C.C. He has trouble expressing his feelings because he is afraid to hurt someones feelings. His dad is using this to guilt him into testifying in court. This said, my son does nto want to because he doesnt wamt to upset anyone. Now for a little history on the situation….his dad is abusive amd drinks a lot. He yells at him and constantly tries to turn him against me. I understand his dad is hurt over the break up, but hurting my son isnt the way to be. My son says he doesnt want to go back until after the divorce. And my attorney is seemingly sitting on his hands and not helping. What can I do short of d.h.s. as my attorney said that was a bad idea this late in the divorce? This has been drug out for a year this time and three years total. Our court date is march 13. Please help….

  66. julieanne says:

    To all the parents of autistic s out there.. Do you have any idea how much legal arguing and fighting hurts us? we are also human beings not objects to be fought over. And skip the condescending you don’t understand I understand perfectly that some adults act like perfect asses and manage to fool themselves into thinking they are right

  67. Tonya M McIntire says:

    I am a soon to be single Mom, I was married for 28 years and we grew apart due to financial reasons as well as other reasons but anyway we have two grown daughters and one is disabled. She is grown but not mentally I would like to know if there may be help for my daughter now she gets SSI but I’m wondering if there is any other help out there and I need divorce help as well

  68. Alisha says:

    I have an autistic son and am married to a very controlling man. Mentally abuses me but spoils my son way to much. He does not let me leave house unless it’s with him or my mother. I am also have health issues my self nothing I can’t handle on my own. My husband spoils him so much dad does no wrong but he can’t handle him on his own. I’ve tried to leave he follows me and won’t leave . I’ve police they do nothing where I live I have NO money he controls everything I do have places I can go across the states. I am pure stuck n and have no clue how to get out and not hurt my son to bad. He uses my son against me who is 7 but mentally 3. I am alone on this atm and scared of what to do

  69. Mr. B says:

    sounds like my wife, is there a way that they can make someone from the county say the child is autistic. I swear this woman has been searching every which way to make my son special needs so I can pay her support indefinitely. and she has no intention of finding a job, and working in her professional career. Very sad the world we live in, and they are all on the internet talking about why men won’t marry.

  70. Colin McLeod says:

    I have a son thats in wheel chair. He will be graduating from high school. I know my obligations going forward but feel mother has done very little to foster independence. Indiana has the medical wavier and social security. She said she talk to a attorney and say he told her she makes to much money. But it says on the wavier that the elagiblity is on the Childs income. She has not followed the reconditions of providers seeking he have continued therapy school has recommended therapy , wavier and security. I feel as we in our home have mentally challenged child have made these steps for my fiancé daughter and making preparations for independence. How do I approach this as I have very little contact with her. I was told to pay support and give money based on income to medical but feel she has failed to meet these needs to foster some independence. we have to face mediation sometime before they turn 19 in feb.

  71. Subhh says:

    After being seperated for 4 years now, i am a single mom to a 5 five old son who has severe special needs and an un-diagnosed syndrome. I am struggle with making both ends meet. Id welcome any generous support to fulfil the requirement of my son’s brought up/ treatments and my litigation- that has been long delayed due to financial constraints.

  72. Sherry says:

    I have Multiple Schlrosis and receive infusions once every 28 days. I have a heat intolerance and I’m receive disability, income basis only, difficulty to live on $500 per month.

    I’m pleading for assistance or help in finding the right person to contact. With my disability I need a stable home environment, that is quiet and cool due to migraines and heat intolerance. This is cruicial for my health and must be relayed to the judicial system. I can not get anyone to understand the importance of this.

    I was married for 8 months. Quickly realized it was a mistake, with abuse involved. My family encouraged me and helped me leave. On 2/21/18 I left and filed for divorce.

    My husband’s average income is approximately $112,000 yr. He owns the home & I didn’t ask for it. He’s a scammer. He sold my vehicle after we married, I would have had nothing if I had not taken the vehicle we purchased.

    Since I left and to date, I am homeless. No stability and no income, except SSI. That’s very difficult to live on. My family has paid for an attorney. My husband has the money to pay the best attorney and to drag this out. A few weeks ago a hearing officer conferencer was held. The Hearing Officer ruled in my favor, granting me spousal support, me retaining the vehicle, no fault & Jeff retaining property.

    My husband, Jeff, has filed an appeal to everything the Hearing Officer ruled, except property. I’ve been told it could take up to 90 days for a new hearing to take place. Our divorce could be final by that time. No interim spousal support has been ordered or received.

    Is there anyone or agency that can help me adovocate for my rights as a person with specific medical needs? Jeff has the means to pay. I’m not asking for anything unreasonable. I’,be been hospitalized twice and now weight 85lbs because of the physical stress this taking on my body.

    Any information you can provide will be helpful.


    • Anita Irons says:

      What state are you in? I have MS and can certainly give you some information on available assistance that is available. I’m in Florida and you can do so much yourself without an attorney and that incredible expense. That is the last thing you need to worry about. 1st thing you need to do IMMEDIATELY is move back into the marital home. Also them IMMEDIATELY file a lawful complaint of spousal abuse. Since you are disabled as well as lack means to acquire other safe accommodations for EVEN a temporary time especially conducive to the needs of your disability. Feel free to to email me if you would like.

  73. Cynthia says:

    California divorce. I’m the primary home for my disabled 11 year old son. I’m also his in home care provider paid through IHSS. My income as of now is IHSS (exempt from income for SSI) and recently my soon to be ex began paying child support and alimony (2/3 of which is income to SSI) I’m about to reapply for SSI disability for my son. My concern is the arrears in support, retirement, and 401K, that is set split in the divorce. We both need to cash out. Will these count? If so how can I protect the 401K, get it where I need it to go for enormous debt related to my expenses after separation? He also owns the property and home. I signed over as separate property, but lived in for 11 years. Our debts are comingled, so are the assets, he and 2 family members are listed on the deed. We are going through forensic analysis as of now and bankruptsy. He is filing separately,
    Presumably protecting his and his family assets. I’m in a precarious financial position after years of financial monkeying. How can I get access to my portion of the 401K without tax or income penalties against my child’s SSI benefits? Ditto concerns for retirement and arrears, do any of these come out of his benefit? Can I designate it to the person I owe my debt to? If not is special needs trust the best way to go? How can I protect the only assets I’m entitled after 26 years of marriage and confused finances?

  74. James says:

    California divorce. I’m the primary home for my disabled 11 year old son. I’m also his in home care provider paid through IHSS. My income as of now is IHSS (exempt from income for SSI) and recently my soon to be ex began paying child support and alimony (2/3 of which is income to SSI) I’m about to reapply for SSI disability for my son. My concern is the arrears in support, retirement, and 401K, that is set split in the divorce. We both need to cash out. Will these count? If so how can I protect the 401K, get it where I need it to go for enormous debt related to my expenses after separation? He also owns the property and home. I signed over as separate property, but lived in for 11 years. Our debts are comingled, so are the assets, he and 2 family members are listed on the deed. We are going through forensic analysis as of now and bankruptsy. He is filing separately,
    Presumably protecting his and his family assets. I’m in a precarious financial position after years of financial monkeying. How can I get access to my portion of the 401K without tax or income penalties against my child’s SSI benefits? Ditto concerns for retirement and arrears, do any of these come out of his benefit? Can I designate it to the person I owe my debt to? If not is special needs trust the best way to go? How can I protect the only assets I’m entitled after 26 years of Emoji Pillow Blog and confused finances?

  75. Cory says:

    I live in NJ
    I have a 19 year old Autistic son that receives SSI
    ( about $550 a month)
    It would be best if my son stays in the home he grew up in BUT I would like co parenting because i seem to be the only one that can calm him down and or handle him. My question is To part
    Because of his age will I need to provide child support to the mother ( even though he gets SSI)
    and How can I maintain co parenting rights if i move out.

  76. Dean Fayal says:

    I have recently gone through a divorce where I was informed that my ex-wife was made legal guardian of my son many years ago without my knowledge. I was his care provider and his constant parent. I did all his day to day activities and was his care provider at night. My son was injured from vaccines 12 years ago. He is semi non verbal, has seizures and just learned to walk 3 years ago. He was injured at 2 months and is 12 now. I was asked to leave the home because she was and is his executor of the trust and his Guardian. I have no rights when talking to the trust because I am not his l guardian. I am his natural father so I didnt know I had to do this. I was a constant presence in his life and we shared a bond he doesnt have with his mother. She is an alcoholic and unless I have him never takes care of him. She hires people to do that like he is a burden and its very hard to deal with. I have no say in who lives in his home or who is a part of his life again unless he is with me. She is the custodial parent but we have 50 50 custody. I am extremely concerned he is not being taken care of like he deserves when he is with his mom. He has major melt downs when I bring him home and tells me as best as he can he hates home. I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Feb of this year and havent been able to physically take care of him and it has caused me to loose my job due to significant injuries. I have no help when he is with me, I do it alone and have no problems if I was healthy. I live with my brother and was trying to get on my feet before my accident. I gave her everything because it was his home. He owns the house due to his trust. It is a complex situation but bottom line is until I have co guardianship of my son his trust company wont talk to me even though I am concerned for his safety and the strange people she brings to the house. He is non verbal so I worry constantly about him to the point of massive anxiety. I feel as if im alone in all this and have nowhere to turn. I am not working so my funds are limited to nothing. I am so lost and feel so helpless. There arent many programs for father is this regard and its very frustrating because I was his and still try to be a constant in his life. He deserves the best and I cant give it to him. Where can I start to get the guardianship forms filled at no cost? Any information would be greatly appreciated by him and I both.

  77. Amber says:

    My brother has learning disabilities and mental illness, but doesn’t live with either parent. Sometimes, he is homeless. My parents are getting a divorce. My father wants to force my mother to set up a trust for my brother. Can he do that if neither parent is my brother’s legal guardian?

  78. Natalie says:

    My 5 year old was diagnosed w aspergers 1 month after my divorce was finalized. father has 35% I have 65%. Father is living w his girlfriend his mother has my son every weekend until Tuesday. My son isn’t allowed to speak w me- his family is in denial w the ASD, even though the uncle has severe ASD. My son isn’t doing well w this arrangement. Judge is biased and not interested w the ASD my son has. How do I get the judge to change custody to help my son?

  79. Melanie Farris says:

    I have a son with autism.a daughter that is 25
    and mentally disabled .My ex is retired collecting a pension which I am entitled to.He refuses to support either of them my son does get social security from his,retirement but could actually get his own social security now that he’s 21.
    My ex is coming into an inheritance I have 3-
    Other children , what should I do.

  80. Oron Mining says:

    I’m in a situation. I’m an adult disabled Son who’s father has both willfully abandoned me and is making it financially difficult behind the scenes (moving money, etc) on me and my mother who were living all together in the same house. I am currently receiving Social Security Disability for my Bi-Polar Disorder but it barely covers my expenses. What kind of lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area can you recommend I seek?

  81. Stacey says:

    I currently have in my divorce agreement that my needs supervised visitation from a family member when. Visiting our autistic son. I no longer want my ex in my home and would like to switch to court supervised visits. How do I do this?

  82. tena walters says:

    is an ADHD child with a school 504 document classified as a special needs

    • Heather Butcher says:


      My husband has a special needs child to which CSA payments are being made yet still cannot see the child. children and fathers should see the children and not be used as a weapon for the divorce or emotionally for the other members of the family including the father of any kind special needs or not children should always be in contact of their family members that often support them which includes fathers paying out so much money in CSA payments and have remarried

  83. Heather Butcher says:

    Its a real concern when a divorce happens and children are caught up let alone a child with special needs of any kind diagnosed.

    I have recently married in 2017 to a lovely man unfortunately his previous marriage ended due to unfaithfulness ultimate divorce on the wife at the time side of things.

    we met married and he has been a committed husband and friend to me as well as wanting to see his children and of course making the payments through the child maintenance as one would expect, still the mother has refused him to see the daughter for her own reasons,

    I have supported my husband in allowing him to express himself to me and friends however child maintenance is a good way however any father paying money for his children should at least be given the right to see the child under supervision of a social worker or lawyer to help mediate the relationship without the mother or the current wife like myself to influence the child it not fair on them .
    sometimes the mans happiness and heath and marriage can be affected because of a divorce that is either bitter and both sides new to move on in life how ever way they choose to.payments is financial support which needs to be backed up by the child emotional support for all children not just SEN ,I also work with SEN children taking them to school and back to which one child behavior resulted in care due to the mother passed away and the child behavior was a danger to himself in the car to which police was involved to manage the behavior ultimately the child is now in car as the father has had a mental break down after the death of the mother .

    We as a married couple are supported by our gp and other community groups and friends in the hope that CSA is supporting fathers for justice and the children emotional well being after such cases,

    I am also a mother and family members of also SEN children so I empathy with complexly empathy with the situations is vital for these cases that surround children after a break up of any kind

  84. Heather Butcher says:

    My husband has a special needs daugher to which payments are being made however still the mother refuses to let the father see the child after a bitter dicovre which is unfair on the child. visits should be made to any child after a divorece by the social serves or lawyer organised for the child without the mother or the father new wife to help mediate the child emo tonal well being and relationship even thou he has remarried and is very happy CSA payments should be injunction with visits for the child even if the mother says no for the reasons for the divorce which has nothing to do with the children, when the children are ready to see the new wife then that ok but contact should be remain periodically without the mother to influence the conversation

  85. Janice Acosta says:

    what if the daugther is married already,,is the parent need to give a support for this disable daugther?

  86. Jane says:

    If someone replied to this with either an opinion or advice I’d be do grateful I’d probably burst into tears…
    I’m going thru a divorce w my husband who is a cop and works 1st & 2nd shift….his days off rotate. We have 2 kids, one was diagnosed with autism 4 years ago. He is still in denial about her needs…she is what others would call high functioning, yet she’s actually level 2 autism spectrum disorder. Our son has been showing signs, the pediatrician recommended he get screened, I made all the arrangements, but dad refused to give consent. Our son posted a suicide threat on youtube while at his fathers, I made appointment for him to start therapy, dad refused to consent for 8 months. Our daughter expressed similar sentiments during one of her evaluations and I had to implement a safety plan at my house and had an inspection done to ensure my home was safe for her…dad also had to do it but 3 months later hes only canceled ALL EIGHT APPOINTMENTS to get his home inspected. Our daughter goes to a public school and has an inadequate iep..I scheduled for her to get a full battery of tests to determine which learning disabilities she has- dad refused to consent. I think we are past the point where I should get full legal, but my attorney says judges never do it unless there is severe circumstances and even then they would give dad a period of time to redeem himself before taking his legal rights away. Is this true? Do I really need to wait until my son or daughter actually tries to commit suicide? Or do I tell my lawyer that I don’t care what she thinks the judge will do and file for full legal? Maybe even supervised custody as well given his flippant attitude towards our childrens lives?
    I do realize anyone who reads this may think I’m off my rocker for even asking…that I should have ffiled to have our custody modified to get sole legal after the first problem…but this was a very abusive relationship. I’m in therapy now and have learned that I’m STILL being controlled and abused by him, just not physical and because I’m only used to acknowledging things like cracked ribs, split lips and black eyes I don’t even recognize when he’s being abusive in other ways. So please, be gentle with me if I should’ve done something sooner.

  87. Gaby says:

    I am looking for a lawyer to help me with my custody battle for my special needs daughter who is 2. Her father wants full custody and never has been in her life. The judge is his lawyers friend and is nit being fair and I have no lawyer. I need a estimate of cost.

  88. Pra Voce says:

    I am a single mother of a wonderful autistic son. His Dad and I had been married 17 years when he up and left us destitute. He left his job and moved to Mississippi with his girlfriend. Took all our retirement, pension, 401 K. Have looked and looked for someone to help me and my son for 2 years Please somebody have it in their heart to help.

  89. Mrs. Ward says:

    myself and my 3 children, 2 of which are disabled! was abandonment by my husband of 27 years in October 2018, my disabled children are 18 and 21, but they require care all day. what can i possibly do? i filed for ‘temporary asset allocation’ only. My lawyer and his staff don’t seem to ‘have it all together’ meaning, every time i speak with them it’s different every time. my husband had cut off ALL communication with his 3 daughters and i’m having to take the, to therapy weekely. i have NO family and have PTSD myself amp i don’t know what to do what’s in the best interest of my 3 girls. i need help so,very badly i was with ,y husband 27 years and we grew up together. i feel as if i’m left hiding and buried i everything alone. please help.

  90. J says:

    Good morning,

    My child is High functioning autistic and within our Court ordered it states that our child shall see a Behavioral therapist.

    De-Spike court orders, active health insurance and multiple encouragement by myself, sadly my ex-spouse has willfully not taken our child for over a year.

    Our child is having major social issues at school and I fear due to the lack of care it will get worse.

    I would take my child myself but unfortunately, I am unable too because I live in another state and have no family or friends in the state or relative area to assist.

    Does anyone know a good advocate for special needs children within the Maricopa County help encourage my ex-spouse?

    My hope is to handle peaceful without the need for judicial intervention in the best interest of our child.

    Thank you in advance,


  91. Tim Yaotome says:

    I do agree that parents that decide to file for divorce should make arrangements in the agreement in order to make way for full-time care of their child with special needs. Aside from contacting a lawyer, they can also book sessions of family therapy at a local health center. With their help, everyone is well aware of the situation and are coping with the situation calmly and logically.

  92. Terry says:

    My son is special needs and will be in school until he is 21. Is his father required to pay child support until he is out of school?

  93. Jason Ouellette says:

    I am a disabled man with heart failure, Multiple Sclerosis & a crushed and failed sergical rebuilt spine. The last five to seven years my wife stayed with me as I refused to go on disability and continued receiving promotions. While she plotted and studied well how to beat and abuse her husband severely in every way; Lied to all members of her and my family to make me look horrible in every way as I constantly gifted her with praise, flowers, gifts and asked for her approval for any money spent only to discover she told everyone I was controlling, selfish and blew money without her consent? I put her through a prestigious college but she refused to work and was criminally negligent of our twin Autistic sons and I fullishly protected her, explaining she could go to jail and I might loose custody of all four of our children including our two older daughters whom she was secretly manipulating and brainwashing to believe Daddy was bad? I attempted to defend myself only twice, not injuring her at all, while following crippling two surgeries including double Fusion in which my entire frontal organs and all intestines had to be removed, flipped over and seven large insisions made on my back to screw and bolt terrible process to attempt to stabilize my spine. I was built like a triathlete as for life I attempted to stay in the best shape possible despite my disabilities just in an effort to best support a luxurious lifestyle for my family. My ex receives thousands a month and the best health care money can buy for my children. I want custody as she has turned my children against me; Her family is extremely wealthy and can afford the most cruel attorneys… She’s convinced all that I was the abuser in our marriage which explains her constantly recording me for years and her visible anger after beating me nearly to death and promising to kill me for millions in life insurance. I even explained during our marriage that I felt she was beating me in hopes I would defend myself, her record it and black male me suggesting I was an abusive husband…. This is exactly what she did for years and it took many years because I refused to turn her in or fight back, even when she beat my back after sergury with a baseball bat (I never saw coming) until I was on the floor as she continued jumping on my spine as I cried out in pain…. (I’m permanently additionally paralyzed due to this)…. Courts in Texas all believe men are bad. Even our governor calls divorced Dads, (dead beat Dads) Shes received $300,000 to $400,000.00’s over the past five years. My special needs sons are routinely beaten until one of them still nonverbal at the time had bruises from head to toe and my ex’s father and her admitted beating them because (it’s so frustrating dealing with them) in their words… Child Protective Services refused to do anything because this family is so influential in Texas…. I am only allowed to see my babies under supervision for one to two hours without court orders b/c their attorney said so and the ex mother in law said so and my ex went along with it…. What have I done to my children? Nothing; I’ve never raised my voice in anger at any of them…. Disabled Adult Americans and Special Needs Children are supposed to be protected in the USA, but we aren’t being?

    Is there anyone who could help? It seems that the best lawyers in cases like this are women who know best a sceaming woman’s game to screw their husband in the age of the me too movement in which all men are considered bad based on a woman saying so? It’s gotten so sickening that men that don’t run and hide for fear of being attacked and their lives ruined, the men still practicing law are quick to take a woman’s side because its popular…. The man hating women of America who more frequently choose a man’s existence as no more necessary than to visit a sperm bank have a, 50/50 shot of giving birth to a son… Do the feminist of America today want the pain of loving, raising a son, then man, only to see him commit suicide after his life is ruined unfairly or his own children are stripped away because he has a penis? Not all men run away with younger women, abandoning their family. I tried making my marriage work under the most painful of terms…. I protected the guilty wife only to have her turn on me, then blame me for precisely what she had done…

    Can anyone help myself and my children? Please

  94. Christy says:

    Ok I have a question what about a case with a child that is type 1 diabetic guardian ad litem involved in case knows nothing about diabetes especially in a child and is making decisions for the child that are not good

  95. Dwayne Corry says:

    My wife of 28 years is leaving me for another man. We have a handicapped daughter that I allowed my ex to be guardian of. With the divorce date looming (She filed w/ no attorney) I am worried about my daughter. My ex does not cook or clean (or even work) and has pets that are not potty trained. How can I get guardianship? Or co-guardianship?

  96. Dannielle Henderson says:

    I’m in need of an attorney who is well versed in divorce with special needs child. Preferably in San Antonio, TX.

    Please let me know if you have a recommendation.


  97. In all actuality, despite the fact that you may appear to battle always with your life partner, you may discover it isn’t so difficult to totally turn things around and save your relationship.

  98. Sarah Smith says:

    I didn’t realize that divorce when your children have special needs is so difficult. It makes me wonder if there are any child custody attorneys that are familiar with that situation. It would probably really help to have an attorney that has experience in that area.

  99. I found it interesting when you said that a child with special needs may go beyond the age of majority and the divorce agreement needs to be changed to meet their long term needs. My brother will be interested in know this. His son has special needs and recently went through a divorce.

  100. Brianna says:

    My sons dad got granted temporary orders over my hard of hearing son myself I am a stay at home mother and left the state for safety hazards over his dad I gave him custody while I got settled I couldn’t leave the state with my son prior to the first court order so I left him under his custody I have evidence that he is not caring nor taking him to school nor therapies how can I convince the judge to re locate with me

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