Andy Hook, CELA, of Hook Law Center in Virginia Beach, VA, is a founding member of SNA and is still excited about practicing in the field of SNTs, due in large part to the fact that he still enjoys working with his SNA friends! Find out more about Andy below.

Initially I was drawn to Elder Law by my clients’ need for assistance with the payment of long-term care expenses. To obtain the knowledge I needed to help these clients, so I joined NAELA in 1989 and studied to pass the CELA certification exam in 1994. With the introduction of the SSI transfer penalty in 1999, I joined with a group of other NAELA members to discuss how to change our practices to address this change in the law. About 12 of us met in Ashville, NC in 2002 and formed the SNA. What keeps me excited about this field? It’s simple—I continue to enjoy working with my SNA friends!

What I remember about the early days of the SNA was our decision to meet following the Stetson SNT conference, which was in its infancy. Since the conference at that time was relatively small, it was held on the Stetson Law School Campus. After attending my first Stetson SNT conference, I realized how much I had to learn. Thank you, Becky Morgan, for starting an invaluable annual conference.

I would advise a young lawyer aspiring to practice special needs law to seek an experienced mentor.

My undergraduate degree is Nuclear Engineering. I earned the degree with High Distinction and passed the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam. As a memento, I still have my Nuclear Engineering Handbook.

Attending my Yoga class at the YMCA.