Elizabeth Noble Friman


Connecting with families and their stories is a great motivator for Elizabeth Friman, Esq., in her law practice at Fleming & Curti, PLC, in Tucson, Ariz. She loves Mexican food and puttering around in her backyard. Her best ways to chase away stress include taking walks with her dog, cooking, and sleeping in on the weekend. Learn more about Elizabeth in this short interview.

I spent time around aging family and friends as a child. This experience taught me that older people have incredible stories and life experiences to share. As a young adult, I gained appreciation for the challenges that disabled children face when my aunt and uncle adopted a child with disabilities. Through a series of life moments and happy family memories, I learned that one of the best ways to learn about the world is to be surrounded by people who want to share their stories. I love the area of special needs planning because it is full of stories. My curiosity and interest in other people motivate me to use my law degree in ways that connects with families and their stories.

I work with children and adults to develop plans and find solutions that create autonomy and security for families.

 I enjoy making floral arrangements.

Walking the dog, cooking, gardening and sleeping in on the weekend.

Lounging around, drinking coffee, and puttering in the backyard with my husband and dog before going out for a date night for Mexican food.