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False Arrest


Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System By William King Self, Jr., CELA There are large numbers of underserved individuals with mental illness in communities across the U.S.--largely due the federal government's failure to fund community programs in the wake of deinstitutionalization. A disproportionate number of these individuals become embroiled with the criminal justice system. [...]

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How to Fight Bullying


By Judith C. Saltzman Parents increasingly recognize the dangers of bullying. One nationwide survey finds that 30 percent of parents with kids ages 12-17 fear bullying more than kidnapping! Children with disabilities are even more at risk. Another study finds that those with autism are three times more likely than neurotypical children to become victims. [...]

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Citizenship Status and Disability Benefits


The Voice is the e-mail newsletter of The Special Needs Alliance. This installment was written by Special Needs Alliance member Barbara Isenhour, of the firm of Isenhour Bleck, PLLC in Seattle, Washington. The firm focuses on government benefits for individuals with disabilities and estate planning for families with special needs children. A board member of NAMI Eastside in Redmond, Washington, and Full Life Care in Seattle, Barbara frequently lectures around the state of Washington on issues involving special needs trusts and government benefits for the elderly and disabled.

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