Emeritus Members

Emeritus Members2020-08-19T05:27:49-04:00

SNA Emeritus Members are long time members of the organization—in some cases founding members—who have now downsized their practices or retired from the practice of law. We thank them for their lasting contributing time and effort to the SNA and its mission. We are honored to list them here.

First name Last Name Designation Member Since
Donna R. Bashaw Esq. 2008
Leonard F. Berg Esq. 2009
Rebecca L. Berg CELA 2006
Roger M. Bernstein Esq. 2002
Geraldine E. Champion CELA 2002
Dennis J. Christensen Esq. 2002
Jason Frank CELA 2006
Doris E. Hawks Esq. 2007
Barbara S. Hughes Esq. 2006
Catherine Leas Esq. 2007
Renee Lovelace CELA 2002
Patricia Flora Sitchler CELA 2008
Gregory Wilcox CELA 2009
Lauchlin Waldoch CELA 2003
Lois M. Zerrer Esq. 2008

For more information or to contact any of our emeritus members, please email info@SpecialNeedsAlliance.org