SNA attorneys have ongoing involvement with a wide array of issues faced by individuals with disabilities, their families and the professionals who serve them. Below is a sampling of recent posts from member blogs.

Is Rosie the Robot the Future of Caregiving?

A study finds that Americans don’t like the idea of using robots to care for seniors and others with health problems. Read more.

Important Change Made in Medicare Payments for Skilled Care

A little-publicized settlement in a class action lawsuit is likely to have significant implications for many individuals with chronic medical conditions. Medicare can no longer discontinue paying for care if an individual’s condition has stopped improving. Learn about it.

Ward Seeks Court Permission to Marry His Girlfriend

When someone with a guardian wishes to marry, determining capacity can get complicated. Read on.

New report Addresses Housing Preferences, Needs of Older Persons

A study finds that home and community services are cost-effective alternatives to institutional settings for seniors with health problems. Read about it.