Tucson, AZ – November 13, 2019The Special Needs Alliance (SNA), a national organization of attorneys in the practice of special needs, disability and elder law, announced today its 2019 – 2020 Board of Directors.

“We’re very pleased with the caliber of individuals serving on our board this year,” said Special Needs Alliance Executive Director Jihane Rohrbacker. “We look forward to a successful and rewarding year at the SNA led by our new board of directors.”

2019 – 2020 SNA Board of Directors

Jennifer L. Lile, CELA
Krugliak, Wilkins, Griffiths & Dougherty Co., L.P.A.
Canton, Ohio

Jefferey M. Yussman, Esq.
Wyatt Tarrant & Combs, LLP
Louisville, Kentucky

Amy C. O’Hara, CELA
Littman Krooks, LLP
New York, New York

Mary O’Byrne, Esq.
O’Byrne Law, LLC
Lutherville-Timonium, MD

James A. Caffry, Esq.
Caffry Law, PLLC
Waterbury, Vermont

Robert Fechtman, CELA
Fechtman Law Office
Indianapolis, Indiana


Robert F. Brogan, CELA
Laurie A. Hanson, Esq.
Mary Alice Jackson, Esq.
Evan Krame, Esq.
Morris Klein, CELA

Tara Pleat, Esq.
Bryn Poland, Esq.
Christopher W. Smith, Esq.
Scott Suzuki, Esq.

“It’s an exciting time to be stepping into my new role as we embark on a strategic plan that will take the Special Needs Alliance into 2020 and beyond,” said Special Needs Alliance President Jennifer Lile, CELA. “We are building on our past successes, and I will champion every effort to strengthen the public’s awareness of the SNA as the ‘go-to’ source for those needing an attorney to help them navigate the complexities of special needs planning.”

Membership in the SNA is only obtained via an invitation from the SNA and is limited to those who meet its professional standards in the area of disability law and advocacy. Membership signifies that the member attorney is recognized amongst his/her peers as a notable attorney practicing special needs law. The SNA now boasts more than 150 members in 46 states.

“Within the organization, I will work to bridge the connection between our newer members and seasoned members, including those who are transitioning toward retirement,” continued Lile. “Our experienced members have deep wisdom and insight to impart, and I look forward to identifying channels and opportunities that will not only leverage their knowledge but will also keep them tethered to our organization in a meaningful way.”

 About Special Needs Alliance
The Special Needs Alliance (SNA) is a national organization comprised of attorneys who practice law and advocate for people living with special needs and disabilities, the elderly, and their families. SNA was formed in 2002 to maintain a professional organization of attorneys skilled in public benefits, estate, trust and tax planning, and legal issues for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. Membership in the Alliance is only obtained via an invitation from the SNA and is limited to those who meet its professional standards in the area of disability law and advocacy. SNA is instrumental in connecting individuals with disabilities, their families and their advisors—including personal injury attorneys and financial advisors—with local members who have niche practices in special needs and disability law and elder law.

SNA member practice areas and services include: Special Needs Trusts; Medicaid, SSI & Entitlement Program Eligibility; Estate, Wills, Trust & Tax Planning for Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families; Financial Planning & Legal Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities; Guardianships & Conservatorships; Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Settlement Assistance; Trust & Estate Distributions and Fiduciary Accountings; Estate & Trust Administration; and Health Care Decisions & Advance Directives. For more information visit: specialneedsalliance.org.


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