Tucson, AZ – April 27, 2022 – Today, the Special Needs Alliance (SNA), the national organization comprised of attorneys committed to the practice of disability and public benefits law, celebrated its 20th anniversary since the organization’s founding in 2002.

The organization began as a series of discussions between 10 like-minded attorneys in a study group called “The Moose Group.” These group members were passionate about their clients and special needs planning, leveraging tools like Special Needs Trusts. Since then, the invitation-only organization has grown to over 150 members, across 44 states focused on the complex areas of public entitlements, estate, trust and tax planning, and legal issues involving individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities.

“It’s been an incredible time to be a part of the Special Needs Alliance as we celebrate SNA’s 20th anniversary,” said SNA President Mary O’Byrne. “Being a part of such a unique organization that goes to great lengths to help individuals with special needs brings me great joy. We will continue to identify and vet the top attorneys in our field to grow our membership, advance our public policy efforts and provide education to families and loved ones.”

“Our members and their dedication to their clients are what make this organization such a remarkable group,” said SNA Executive Director Jihane Rohrbacker. “They support each other in a way that I’ve not seen before in other organizations. Members take pride in how they aid others and the relationships (and friendships) last a lifetime.”

Some of the original members have since retired professionally. Others, like Tom Begley, Jr., continue the important work of on behalf of their clients. “20 years ago, we started this organization to work together and collaborate on issues that no one else seemed to be discussing,” said Founding Member Tom Begley, Jr. “We found that by being able to partner and discuss these issues that our clients were facing provided more than just a good sounding board. It became a peer panel that sharpened us to be better attorneys with a dedicated skill set and offering for families and individuals with special needs.”


About Special Needs Alliance

The Special Needs Alliance (SNA) is a national organization comprised of attorneys who practice law and advocate for people living with special needs and disabilities, the elderly, and their families. SNA was formed in 2002 to maintain a professional organization of attorneys skilled in public benefits, estate, trust and tax planning, and legal issues for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. Membership in the Alliance is only obtained via an invitation from the SNA and is limited to those who meet its professional standards in the area of disability law and advocacy. SNA is instrumental in connecting individuals with disabilities, their families and their advisors—including personal injury attorneys and financial advisors—with local members who have niche practices in special needs and disability law and elder law.

SNA member practice areas and services include: Special Needs Trusts; Medicaid, SSI & Entitlement Program Eligibility; Estate, Wills, Trust & Tax Planning for Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families; Financial Planning & Legal Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities; Guardianships & Conservatorships; Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Settlement Assistance; Trust & Estate Distributions and Fiduciary Accountings; Estate & Trust Administration; and Health Care Decisions & Advance Directives. For more information visit: specialneedsalliance.org.