Special Needs Alliance Launches New, Enhanced Website

Streamlines Access for Families and Individuals with Special Needs to
Connect with Attorneys and Showcases Extensive Special Needs Resources

Tucson, AZ – August 29, 2019 – The Special Needs Alliance (SNA), a national organization comprised of attorneys in the practice of special needs, disability and elder law, today launched its new and enhanced website aimed at streamlining access to its attorney members, as well as showcasing the extensive library of resources for individuals with special needs and their families.

Formed in 2002, SNA’s mission is to manage and maintain a professional organization of attorneys skilled in public benefits, estate, trust and tax planning, and legal issues affecting individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. Each SNA member must maintain a sound and professional reputation amongst their peers, clients and the community.

“We are very pleased to launch our new site this week,” said Special Needs Alliance Executive Director Jihane Rohrbacker. “With the new web site, our desire is to provide a seamless way for individuals with special needs and their families to connect with our members—the upper echelon of attorneys—to ensure these individuals’ needs are met throughout various life transitions and beyond.”

The enhanced SNA website easily helps individuals:

    • Navigate with ease through the database of SNA member attorneys via the “Find an Attorney” search portal
    • Understand core concepts and resources needed when managing the ongoing care and financial well-being of a loved one with special needs via “Special Needs 101”
    • Learn more through the SNA publications and multi-media resources found in the “Information Center” that includes:
      • “Loud & Clear: Family Conversations” – a discussion that tackles the day-to-day and long-range issues that impact the quality of life for individuals with special needs and their families
      • “The Voice” – SNA’s e-newsletter that includes in-depth articles addressing complex issues written by SNA member attorneys for the benefit of families, other attorneys and professionals who work with the special needs community
      • SNA member videos and podcasts

“Our attorneys are deeply devoted to their profession and contribute a significant amount of time to growing both the profession and working within their communities to stay connected with and advocate for those individuals and families they serve,” said Special Needs Alliance President Robert Fechtman, CELA. “It’s our honor and privilege to be the conduit for individuals to find our members who are making a difference every day in the lives of individuals with special needs and their families.”

About Special Needs Alliance
The Special Needs Alliance (SNA) is a national organization comprised of attorneys who practice law and advocate for people living with special needs and disabilities, the elderly, and their families. SNA was formed in 2002 to maintain a professional organization of attorneys skilled in public benefits, estate, trust and tax planning, and legal issues for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. Membership in the Alliance is only obtained via an invitation from the SNA and is limited to those who meet its professional standards in the area of disability law and advocacy. SNA is instrumental in connecting individuals with disabilities, their families and their advisors—including personal injury attorneys and financial advisors—with local members who have niche practices in special needs and disability law and sometimes elder law.

SNA member practice areas and services include: Special Needs Trusts; Medicaid, SSI & Entitlement Program Eligibility; Estate, Wills, Trust & Tax Planning for Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families; Financial Planning & Legal Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities; Guardianships & Conservatorships; Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice Settlement Assistance; Trust & Estate Distributions and Fiduciary Accountings; Estate & Trust Administration; and Health Care Decisions & Advance Directives. For more information visit: specialneedsalliance.org.


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