Patricia Sitchler


So much! In the legal field, I still write for Thomson-Reuters, Texas Practice Series, Texas Elder Law. And I lurk on the Texas NAELA listserve and a couple of legal Facebook sites sharing 30 years of experience. But I thoroughly enjoy putting my research skills toward mapping out my husband’s and my ancestral history – not just names and dates but also the history behind their life and location – such strong individuals (and a few scoundrels). And then sharing short stories with my grandchildren. Finally, putting my special needs practice to good use by some caregiving for older relatives.

A typical day: exercise then off to the office (across the room to my computer) checking emails and picking up research where I left it. Also spontaneous outings with my husband while planning trips in search of ancestors. Facetime with the Grands. Writing short stories about a family ancestor.

Because I tended to be focused on the task, I didn’t realize how well our Team-Sitchler worked for our clients until after I retired. I realized not only did we provided legal advice but we listened to life issues giving our clients confidence that we were truly interested in their issues.

To do list: is to take my own advice—”move to where your family lives,” so we are attempting to downside to about 600 sq. ft. of indoor livable space but acres to enjoy with the kids. The “see” wish list is to find those ancestral homes and walk on ancestral ground. There are so many stories to find. And spend more time with the Grands, for sure.

There’s not one specific memory that is special. What I found special was that a little girl from the southside of San Antonio could grow up and have the opportunity to visit and even collaborate with such brilliant attorneys from all over the United States. It was a privilege being a member of SNA.

You have to have the “fire in the belly” so much so that you hate to stop working on a project and you look forward to getting back to the project and you become righteously indignant when the law isn’t followed. The practice has to be fun and exciting along with a way to give back to humanity.

If a mini-series counts I believe “Foyle’s War” would be my favorite. I watched it at the same time I was reading 700+ letters my Daddy sent Mom between 1942-1945. The production was a glimpse into day-to-day living during a war—something that Daddy was experiencing in England, Belgium, France & Germany.