Rebecca S. Kueny Esq.


Rebecca Kueny, SNA Sponsored Member in Oregon, initially aimed to be a social worker so she could advocate for seniors, people with disabilities, and families with limited resources. She unexpectedly found work in a law firm, where she discovered that estate planning and elder law were also wonderful ways to use policy to support the vulnerable communities she cares about.

Here’s more about Rebecca and her path into practicing at Kueny Law in Salem, Ore.

I graduated college at the University of Arizona in 2007 right when the recession was hitting our economy. I was looking for jobs in social work and was unable to find employment. At the time, I had a resume with a financial background. I ended up securing my first full-time job at a lovely firm called Fleming & Curti as the financial assistant to Robert Fleming, CELA and Tom Curti, Esq. managing the finances for all their fiduciary cases. I had no desire to be an attorney prior to this career, but found myself sitting in Robert’s office on a daily basis asking questions. “Why can I pay this from the Special Needs Trust, but not the Rep Payee account, Robert?” “Why can we pay this from the Revocable Living Trust, but not the Special Needs Trust, Robert?” “Why is this irrevocable? What does this mean, Robert?” Robert was a good sport and answered all my questions each day. So, I decided I am going to be an attorney and follow the footsteps of Robert and Tom! I left Fleming & Curti to attend Willamette University in Salem, Ore.

Throughout high school, I was working with children with disabilities as a one-on-one. I was (at the time) conversational in American Sign Language and wanted to be an advocate. Through my employment and mentorship at Fleming & Curti, I saw how I could be an advocate for the communities I cared most about— seniors, people with disabilities, and families with limited income and resources. I have never once looked back from this decision; it has made me quite happy, and I find the career rewarding. I love that this area is always changing. I love that my voice is heard regarding changes with the State of Oregon, working with the legislative committees and working with Medicaid and estate recovery policy advisors.

I practice estate planning and elder law, focusing on incapacity planning, guardianships and conservatorships, and planning for families with family members on government benefits. I am accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs and do a significant amount of work with Oregon Medicaid benefits and the Oregon Circuit Courts. I also act as a professional fiduciary. The goal of our office is to assist families with the transitions of life, from the birth of their first child to the death of loved ones.

“American President.” I really enjoy the love story mixed with policy discussions! I nerd out on policy conversations.

I would garden in the morning, read in the afternoon, and play board games in the evening with friends.

I would visit Ireland and Scotland. It has always been a dream of mine.