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10 02, 2023

Kathie Roberts Spotlight


INTRODUCING KATHIE BROWN ROBERTS, CELA.   I became interested in special needs planning as somewhat of a natural progression from estate planning, probate and even guardianships. These areas of law bring into focus the potential benefits of proper planning on the lives of disabled persons and the expense of [...]

06 28, 2023

Barbara Hughes Spotlight


GET TO KNOW SNA EMERITUS MEMBER BARBARA HUGHES Once we had Covid shots, I finally did some long awaited travel: in 2022, a long Baltimore weekend to celebrate my oldest grandson’s college graduation at Johns Hopkins, followed by 2+ weeks in Alaska via Viking cruise ship and then bus to the [...]

04 12, 2023

Turning 65: Changes to Consider for Individuals with Special Needs

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When a family member approaches age 65, there are often significant changes to benefits and supports. In addition, there are opportunities that can offer future benefits to your loved one that need to be addressed, some before your loved one turns 65. What services may be changing? What do family members need to know? To help prepare for this transition, we have highlighted some of the top considerations.

01 13, 2023

What to Know When Your Child With Disabilities Turns 22 

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On the heels of a child with special needs’ biggest milestones becoming an adult at eighteen (18) comes the next and arguably more challenging milestone – life after turning twenty-two (22). What services end? What do parents and guardians need to know? To help prepare for this transition, we have highlighted some of the top considerations. 

12 05, 2022

Other Protective Arrangements

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This issue of The Voice® was written by SNA member Jacob Menashe of Hickman Menashe, P.S. in Lynnwood and Bellevue, Washington. Serving clients in the greater Snohomish and King County areas and throughout Washington, the firm works with their clients on legal concerns related to elder law and estate planning. Jacob was assisted by a former associate of his firm, Sage Graves Slugić, now practicing at Graunke Ayoub Law in Seattle, Washington.