Training Workers with Disabilities and Educating Employers: Moji Coffee + More

Five years ago, a group of parents in Winston-Salem, North Carolina created Moji Coffee + More out of a desire to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Now this June, Moji celebrates its fifth anniversary and its evolution from a simple coffee shop into a catalyst of change for employees and businesses alike.

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What Happens To My Child’s Social Security Benefit Upon Marriage?

This issue of The Voice® was written by SNA member Heather Conder, and her colleague Evan Barrett, who both work in the law firm of SNA member Charlene Quade, Esq. of C.K. Quade Law, PLLC. The firm was created with the desire to advocate for families and loved ones caring for children and adults with special needs. Located in Boise, Idaho, the practice serves clients in Idaho.