Training Workers with Disabilities and Educating Employers: Moji Coffee + More

Five years ago, a group of parents in Winston-Salem, North Carolina created Moji Coffee + More out of a desire to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Now this June, Moji celebrates its fifth anniversary and its evolution from a simple coffee shop into a catalyst of change for employees and businesses alike.

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Recommended Books for the Special Needs Community: If You Could Take A Pill To Become Typical, Would You?

This issue of The Voice® was prepared by SNA member Laurie Hanson, with Northwoods Law Group, P.A., in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The firm focuses on issues specific to aging and clients living with a disability and serves clients based in the twin cities and throughout the state, including populations in Grand Marais and the Walker/Brainerd lakes area.

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What to Know When Your Child With Disabilities Turns 22 

On the heels of a child with special needs’ biggest milestones becoming an adult at eighteen (18) comes the next and arguably more challenging milestone – life after turning twenty-two (22). What services end? What do parents and guardians need to know? To help prepare for this transition, we have highlighted some of the top considerations. 

Pursuing a Temporary 504 Plan 

Your school age child may benefit from the institution of a temporary 504 Plan to help them better succeed at school. But is that a possibility? If so, what does that process look like? Read more to help answer those and other questions.

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