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There are 3 active members in Missouri. Each of our member attorneys has years of experience and dedication to the practice and study of this complex and specialized area of law. Please contact a Special Needs Alliance member attorney in your area to consult with them on your specific concerns.
Courtney L. Fletcher, Esq.

Carnahan Evans PC
[email protected]

2805 S. Ingram Mill Road
Springfield, MO 65804
Tel: (417) 447-4400
Fax: (417) 447-4401

Area(s) Served: Primarily Southwest Missouri area, but available to see clients in the rest of the state.
Office Location(s): 2805 S. Ingram Mill Road, Missouri
Member Since 2017
T. Nikki Mitchell, Esq.

Mitchell, Brown & Associates, LLC
[email protected]

418 S. Clay Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63122
Tel: (314) 962-0186
Fax: (314) 962-1298

Area(s) Served: Geographical areas served: St. Louis Metro Region
Office Location(s): St. Louis, Missouri
Member Since 2021
Craig C Reaves

Reaves Law Firm, PC
[email protected]

4400 Madison Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64111

Tel: (816) 756-2100
Fax: (816)756-0333

Area(s) Served: Primarily the Kansas City metropolitan area, but accepting clients from anywhere throughout Missouri and Kansas
Office Location(s): Kansas City, Missouri | Kansas
Member Since 2003